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Well, my mum came back, eventually, and I meowed at her a lot to let her know I resented being abandoned. She had the nerve to moan that my dad had been feeding me too much because the cans of stinky goodness in the cupboard had gone down too quickly! Hey, I needed that stinky goodness!

I have been trying to catch up on what has happened in the blogosphere while I was away from the computer, but it is difficult because I am having to sit on my mum a lot to make up for all the missed lap time. Today she did gardening nearly all day and I snoopervised. Everything is growing very fast at the moment, including the weeds. I will post some pictures soon of the garden and also some interesting things my mum saw while she was staying with Cornish Grandma.

BUT! Tonight something frightful happened! My mum and I were worn out from gardening and we were sitting in the living room watching television. The patio doors and the kitchen door were open because it was quite warm. Suddenly I heard this sound from the kitchen like *nom nom nom nom nom*...

...So I jumped up and ran into the kitchen and THERE WAS THIS SMALL BLACK INTRUDER KITTY IN MY KITCHEN EATING MY FOOD OUT OF MY FOOD BOWL!!!!! Can you believe that? He/she must have sneaked in through the open kitchen door. What a nerve!

I chased him all the way out of the kitchen and down to the bottom of the garden and behind the shed, where he escaped into a neighbour's garden. My mum has seldom seen me moving so fast!

My nerves were quite upset and I had to have some fresh stinky goodness served up before I started to calm down.

What a shocking incident! If hedgehogs and evil intruder kitties keep eating my stinky goodness there will soon be none left for ME!

Nothing messes with our stinky goodness! Good work Eric!

Laila and Lilly
No wonder the stinky goodness supply is going down, the intruders are eating it all.

But why are they purposely feeding the hedgehog? Are they endangered?
Oh my...introoder kitties eating yoor stinky goodness! That is just not right. Unless, maybe da kitty was starving?
You were very brave Eric! Good for you!
Pee Ess. Fanks for all the purrs and good wishes :)
That is terrible, Eric. We are glad you chased that evil intruder cat way way away. If you need help, I would be happy to assist in any way I can.

Oh my! That is quite awful!

Luf, Us
I am glad you had such good ears! I can't believe that cat was eating your food! I hope you were fed more to comfort you.
The intruder eated your Stinky Goodness? The nerve! You were very right to chase him away.
The nerve I'd glad you showed that intruder who's boss.
Oh, Eric, that must have been very awful! Maybe you need to start hiding your food so aliens won't find it!
Oh Eric, it sounds like you showed that evil intruder kitty who's house it really was. Protecting your food is a very important job.

I hope your mom decides to stay a long time.

Tyler's mom here: I have a question for you Eric. Since you have relatives in the US., do you know of any UK kitty products that would be cool for an American kitty to have? I want to know because my neice is working in London now but will be returning to California in a couple of months. Is there anything that is sold over there that I might want to surprise our house of 5 kitties with? My email is or my blog is Thanks a lot Eric, in advance.
We are wondering how our LBSKG got all the way over there???
He came into your house and proceeded to nom nom your food?!?! He's a cheeky little fellow. We bet you were literally a blur chasing him out!!!
Good job running off that intruder! Purrhaps more patrols are needed!
I know! Very shocking! Good job chasing the bad intruder off.
Eric, that is shocking news. Good work on chasing the introoder away.
The Beans don't realise it, but us larger Erics can be very speedy when we need to be.
It has been raining here nearly all day. Mum said that when it was raining last week, the local weather forecast kept telling her that it was nice in Cornwall.The vegetable garden is muddy and she says the weeds are growing like Triffids.
Dennis mothered me when I was a kitten, then he hated me, now we get along. That's life. You will like the intruder a lot someday. Consider the intruder a gift, instead of an intruder.
Oh Eric, your Snacky Mouse would be perfect. Mom bought us a snack ball, but the snacks never come out of it, so we don't play with it. We would love to have something that works.

Eric, we would love to send you more Greenies. If you give us your address, we will send you a care package. My mom's e-mail address is
Poor Eric, an intruder kitty in your kitchen eating your food. How rude.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

PS - we are glad that your mum is back home again.
Oh my goodness, I have been having very similar problems. I now spend most of the night guarding the cat flap to try and keep out any unwelcome intruders. FAZ
Eric ... Sometimes all good kitties need to share. On the other hand a kitty must protect his castle!!!

I was also wondering if it was Zoolatry's LBSKG.
Hee hee.
Missy Blue Eyes
Omigosh - that's the worst! Why couldn't the intruder kitty have used your litter box or something? But your *food??? No way!
um, Bendrix sayz he is sorry about that *burp* you know how he is.
A kitten? OMG!!!! You better puts dat on da kybosh.. 'cuz you know how softee hearted da momeez are about kittenzez!
Much peace to you, & we hopes you gots some of dat orangy drink we hadz...
-Dr TWeety
Intwuders! I've had an intwuder in mine house a week ago too! She walked in wike she owned the pwace and started eating fwom out bowls! You should have seen That Thing! He was scared of her! Hahaha...
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