Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Not Funny

We are having hot weather here this week. My mum is out every evening watering the garden with one of these. I like to snoopervise. But, really, what was she THINKING tonight? Does THIS

look anything like THIS?

Just because I was closely snoopervising does NOT give her the right to water me!

And laughing at the wet kitty is just unacceptable.

It's not funny.

Oh poor Eric, I am trying not to laugh, really I am, but the thought of you wet and glaring at your Mum makes me chuckle : )
Don't Great Floofy Gingerflowers need to be watered? That would make them grow even bigger.

Can you send the warm weather here? Mum says it is still too cool around here!
Oh no Eric!! Wet kitty is not a happy kitty!
haha... (snork) umm... NO! (giggle) That is not (hahahahaha) funny at all.


Not funny.

hee hee.

I hate having wet furs too. I only like it when it is from my own spit.
MOL! you are watering the garden and we got 5" of rain 2 DAYS AGO!
You got watered? Does that mean you will grow? And will you get fed more if you are bigger?'re so funny Eric;) oooppss, sorry, we didnt mean to laugh at you....we hate too being wet kitties:(

Hi folks, we’re back! Now it’s Wordless Wednesday: Our Furryhood Nice to see ya all again:) and how’re our cats’ power doing? Please share yours in here , we’d love to hear from you.
Were you stalking something in the flower bed? If she did it on purpose, she needs some counseling.
I hate to get wet. It takes forever for my floofy fur to dry!! -Shaggy
Nope, you don't look anything like those flowers. So you should NOT be watered.
Oh you look mad Eric, and rightfully so - watering kitties is unacceptable (if not just the tiniest bit funny)!
Poor Eric, that sounds very terrible! Do you think flowers will grow out of your furs now?
I can't believe your Mum did that to you. That's awful.
Aww Poor Eric! You have absolutely every right to be infurriated! Your mum adding insult to injury and laughing...that means she has to give you some really nice treats or presents for your humiliation.
Poor Eric! (And yes, I laughed before I read your telling me not to. Sorry!)
Eric, the humiliation you suffer the hands of your humans is terrible. I hope you at least shook yourself off right on her!!!
Humans think it is funny to wet us Cats. I will jump into the shower before my human uses it to inspect it for her and sometimes she turns it on and I get wet.

Also thank you for the Birthday wishes
I sympathize with you completely. I don't like being wet either. maybe your mom needs glasses. Really really thick glasses.

Ah! She watered you? I hope it was just a sprinkle! My momma drenches me in a tub and makes me take a B-A-T-H!
Hi Eric. I agree your Mum had no right to water you even though you said you were a floofy ginger flower farther down on your posts. You tell her that snoopervisors don't need watering. Mom enjoyed seeing all the flower pictures, spring is a beautiful time of year. Your bed pictures are really great too!

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