Sunday, June 22, 2008


Easy Like Sunday

Thank you, my friends, for sympathising with me over the neglect I was suffering during my mum's OFSTED inspection. However, I am a happier kitty today.

The two days of the inspection were very stressful but it is over now and the evil inspectors do not return for three years, hooray! My mum and her colleagues had a three-hour "staff meeting" in the local pub after the inspectors had left, after which she came home incapable of scooping my litter box. Can you believe that?

Yesterday both my humans lay around vegetating and not doing much, but I got some good scritches and laptime, and of course I also went to The Wedding, where I met lots of friends.

Today my dad has gone to see a long-lost school friend in Eastbourne and I have been having quality time with my mum. We had a long lie-in this morning, then we planted out some of the sunflower seedlings in the garden, but then we went inside because it is very very windy today and I do not like windy weather because it disarranges my floofy fur. I helped her with the laundry and eating lunch and writing some school reports and we watched some TV and spent some nice snuggling time together.

I have discovered the perfect place to lie if my humans are neglecting me. If I lie in the doorway of the living room, no one can get in or out without paying me attention. Also no one can bring food in from the kitchen without me finding out what is on the menu...

P.S. Notice the wet patch on the blue carpet...that was the aftermath of a giant hairball...heh heh.

Oh, Eric, you are our favorite floofiest orange and white mancat! Mom just wants to bury her head in your belleh furs and give it kisses all over. One thing I do for attention from mom is run in front of her and throw myself down at her feet and lay like you are in that picture. She just can't resist my floofy white belleh!

I'm so happy to hear your feeling better :)
Hooray for the inspection being over! I'll bet that was a fun "staff meeting"!
A 3 hour staff meeting. No wonder she couldn't scoop your litter. She was probably dying of boredom.


purrs and tail wags
Dear Eric,
Your new parking spot is a great idea! I am still too new in my house to know the strategic spots, but I will learn them.
Abby Normal

PS. I tagged you!
What a great place to park! I may need to try this!
Eric glad that you got some attention finally. I do that too, lay down where mum has to go over me to get anywhere. It helps to get attention.

Mum says yay to your mum for taking the three hour staff meeting. Those are often needed. School will be over soon!
Dear Eric. We are glad that your mom's horrible inspection is over and that you have finally received the attention you deserve. Where you are lying is very funny. Hope no one trips over you.

My mom laughed about your mom's "incapacity" to clean your litter box after her long staff meeting. She says that's the best kind of staff meeting and congratulations!

I love your place to lay if you need to get noticed. Your tummy is so floofy and soft looking. Sorry 'bout the hairball. My bro gets those too.
Oh Eric, I am sorry you had a big ole hairball. I am glad though that you got such a nice lie in with your person.
It's always cool to have time with your people. Glad your mum's inspection thing is over. It was great to see you at the wedding and reception. Glad you liked the shrimps and all.
your bud Pepi
I SQUEEEEE in your general foofy direction.
Hey, I don't like wind either! It messes my ears up!

I'm happy you got some good scritches and laptime!
Strategic positioning is essential!
You are so cute laying there near the door. So fluffy, it would be really tempting to rub your belly. It's great that your mom could celebrate at the pub after the inspection.
We think dat some of da best times is when dad goes away and we get mom all to ourselves! Good strategic placement, don't let anything that tastes good get past.
Thanks for the tip, I must try that!

I'm glad you are feeling better.

I'm glad to hear things have improved for you, Eric! I like your new spot . . . it sounds purrfect.
Yes, it looks like you've found the perfect spot!
Giant Hairball!! WOah!
It's dat time of year. Hairball and carpet wetting season. It's good to get a good hurl out now and then.
We dint like that OFSTED thing. We wouldda scratched annyparts of them... Grr!
Eric, we are glad that you are no longer being neglected. It sucks when your beans don't pay attention to you like they should. That is an excellent place to sleep to make sure everyone pays attention to you.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
ahhhh - the little pawsies in the air are too cute!

that was our Lady. we told her you don't say "pawsies" about a ManCat, but she's a little nutty. way ta go with the hairball!
I am glad that the inspection is over and that your Mom had a good "staff meeting" to help her relax. You have found a great place to lie down to get attention.
Hullo Fat Eric !
My mummy has just shown me your blogs and I have read them all. It was sad to read about Hattie, but fun to read all about your adventures. I have diabetes too! My mummy has to inject me twice a day. I don't mind too much, & she always cuddles me afterwards. Here is my Catster page, so you can see I am handsome like you (though not so floofy) -

Lots of purrs from Mr Woo x
Looks like you had a very good Sunday ... and found a great napping spot.
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