Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What To Do On A Sunny Day

1. Find the best sunspot there is.

2. Have a good wash.

3. That's all!

I say skip the wash but I agree with you on the other two.

That sounds like a good plan to me! Oh, but you forgot to mention that you should rest your head on your wicker mousey!!
A nice wash in a sun spot.
Does life get any better?
Well said!!
That covers everything! Enjoy!
We had a dry and sunny day here too. I think I did the same thing as you did. Except I added a nap in the sun.
Now that's a good day!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Sounds like an excellent plan!
I am happy watching you! I love sunspots and washing!

Thank you for purring for my dad - he came home last night after his surgery and I think that he feels better because of all the purrs!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
Dude, scootch over. I'm so there.
But Eric, you forgot the thing that comes after having a bath is having a NAP!
It sounds like a perfect day--and maybe one day we will have sun here again...
And with your beloved Scratchy Mouse too!!
You are so right Eric!
What a nice way to spend Sunday!
That sounds like a perfect day!
You got dat rite, Eric!
I agree on all points, Eric!
That about sums it up!
That's an excellent day :-D
Sounds like the only way to spend a sunny day.
I haven't yakked at all today which means I kept my medicine down. We're all hoping that means I'm over the worst.Mum weighed me today and I have lost three pounds since I was last weighed on June 1st.
Purrs furrom Medium Eric formerly known as Big Eric
Good idea. After the terror of the invaders, you need a good rest.

purrs and tail wags
Nappin is good too.
That looks like a very nice sun spot.
Dear Eric,
Hi! I am a tabby cat living in a new home with 2 human minions.

My human Lady says that I will probably not grow up to be fluffy like you. Is there anything you can suggest for me? I find your fluff to be so impressive!
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