Saturday, July 05, 2008


Eric In Trouble!

I am not one of these mischievous kitties like Faith Boo who is always misbehaving. I am a good boy (my mum says) and a respectable geezer kitty but yesterday I got into trouble! I played a trick on my Devon Grandma, who is staying with us.

Yesterday morning (Friday) my mum and dad got up, fed me, and went to work and left Devon Grandma to do some more sleeping because she has really bad jet-lag and still isn't sure if she is on Montana time or London time. Very late in the morning Devon Grandma got up and went downstairs and had some food and then she thought "Hmm, that's funny, in this house if someone is eating Fat Eric is usually sitting next to them staring at the plate." And then she thought, "Where is Eric? I have not seen him this morning." She looked all over the downstairs and then she went upstairs and looked in all the rooms and she could not see me anywhere. (And I am quite large and orange so I am normally easy to spot). Then my Devon Grandma started to get worried because she thought I might be lost so she looked all over the house a few more times but she still could not find me. She called my name lots of times but I did not answer.

Devon Grandma was really worried now and she thought maybe I had somehow got out of the house when my humans went to work. She was so worried that she rang my mum at school and said, "I cannot find Eric, I think he has got out of the house, what shall I do?" My mum said "Have you looked under the yellow chair in the spare room? That is where Eric likes to sleep after breakfast." Devon Grandma went back upstairs and into the spare room and looked right under the yellow chair and there I was tucked in the corner going "zzz, zzz". She was so relieved!

Heh heh, I hid from Devon Grandma and played a trick on her. But my mum says it was a bit mean because Devon Grandma is 78 and it is bad for her to get all worried so now I feel a bit guilty. I gave her some big purrs later.

Today it was sunny and I went in the messy bit of the garden and chilled out with the breeze blowing through my floofy fur. All the grass in our garden is covered in white clover flowers at the moment, you can see them here.But tomorrow it is going to rain. My dad is driving Devon Grandma home to Devon tomorrow and my mum and I are going to relax at last - she has finished writing all those reports!

Happy weekend everyone. I wonder what other tricks I can play on my humans?

Way to hide, Eric. My human always says to me that a Good Cat is hard to find.
Hi Eric! I am sure you made it up to her later, didn't you? Being so gorgeous and fluffy, it would be hard to stay mad at you.
Abby Normal
I'm not so sure you did anything wrong. I mean its not like you aren't allowed to nap under the yellow chair, right? Ands we all know how important an after-breakies nap is....
Still, it is nice to know that Devon Grandma love you so much she got worried. Grandma's are great no matter where they are from!
hehehe, I do that too, but mum is no where near 78, but she still gets worried until she finds me. So I suppose that was a bit hard on Devon Grandma.

If your mum is all done with the student reports, that must mean school will be ending soon!
silly to think anything was your fault. we think yer mum should make the house rules a bit plainer for poor gran ;-)

our mom's kitty-sitting for miss ginger, who is over your way (visitin' her sweetie in portsmouth just now), an' her sprinky-kitty's non-appearance nearly drove our mom wild until she discovered that she sleeps under a chair, too. but INSIDE the upholstery!! good job she (mom) nefur chose that chair to sit on.
Oh how were you to know she would eat at that time? Sigh.
We'z sure yoo din't mean to worry Gramma but yoo prolly shoulda answered when she called yoo. At least now yoo know how much she loves yoo.
Uh oh. Not too good to scare Grandma Devon too much, huh?

Pretty clovers in your yard!

Luf, Us
Oh, Doood! I got a good one for you!

Lie on your back, let your tongue hang out of your mouth, and twitch. This freak the people out! I discovered this by accident once when I was napping on my back and I dunno why my tongue was hanging out but it was, and they went bonkers! It's tons of fun!
We think ya get ta sleep wherefer ya want. Its the Beins problem ta find ya.
Well yoo diddint know she wuz prone to beein ofur worried. It is a fun game to play tho! Its nice yur peeple love yoo so to be so kunserned.
hehehe, that's a furry good trick you played! Momma always does a head kount of us Ballicai, and efun though we don't go outside, she always has to have a roll call before she and Daddy go to bed. Dorydoo can be espeshully hard to find since she's a little black cat, but Brainball, like you, is big and orange and he is usually furry easy to find!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
I want to laugh, but MomBean is watching...
Hiding on the beans is fun, but not on the Grandma beans. That isn't nice. They are too old for any excitement like that. That being said, it is not your fault that you took a nap. In a hard to find spot.

I am sure you were just sleeping too deeply to hear her!
That was a very funny trick you played, Eric! You are a good prankster.
Oh Eric,
Don't feel too guilty about not coming when Devon Grandma called. Exercise is good for old people. O.K. being scared half to death may not be so good but she did get some exercise looking for you so you probably helped her stay fit. You should get treats for being so clever as to encourage so much exercise looking for you. Besides you are a cat. We generally don't come when we are called, right?
Our gramdma calls that "going on a cat hunt." She got a lot of experience when she had kitties.
Don't feel guilty. A cat needs to sleep off a good breakfast, doesn't he?
Be nice to your Devon Grandma, Eric.
Tsk tsk tsk, Eric. Well, it all turned out okay in the end! :)
You naughty boy, you could have answered Devon Grandma when she called, even if you didn't want to come out from under the chair. But she obviously loves you:) xxx
Opps...that's naughty of you Ewic! But sometimes it's weawwy so fun to see our beans all hassled and wowwied when they cannot find us! Heheheh...
Sometimes Ollie will play that trick on me. I don't like it :-p
Eric, we are sorry that you scared your grandma, but how lovely that she was so worried about you that she called your mum at work. We are glad you were just deeply asleep and not really lost.

We hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit with her.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Oh Eric yoo silly boy! Do not worry Devon Grandma so. Although you didn't know dat she would not find you. Bet yoo gots lots of treats instead of being in trubble.
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