Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Feather Sticks And Rain

My mum has bought me a new feather stick.
Look what I did to the last one! Heh heh.
In other news, it has been raining. A lot. All over the UK. We are tired of rain now. Isn't this supposed to be summer???
This is a picture of the windowsill in the kitchen. Notice the rain on the window. My mum just bought some new pots for some of the herbs she has been growing. The plant in the middle is a peanut plant that Cornish Auntie gave her. She has never tried to grow a peanut plant before but it seems to be growing quite fast so far. Does anyone have any advice about how to grow peanut plants?

I bet an energetic kitty like Faith Boo could get up on that windowsill and create havoc amongst those pots. But they are quite safe from me!

You killed that very fast- good work!! We wished and wished for rain and now its dreary and rainy here too.

Cool, a new feather stick! Kill it, Eric :-D

I only have black thumbs, so no advice for your Mum on how to grow that peanut plant. Sorry.
Everything you write makes me hungry!!
Good work on that feather, Eric!

If you really wanted to get up there and see those plants couldn't you ask for a chair to be placed nearby? That way you could inspect them properly without having to jump up there.
Great feather mangling Eric! Your Mum ought to provide some steps up to the plant pots, it's the very least she can do, considering you cannot lie out in the garden ;)

Whoa, big fella, calm down!
Hmmm momma has never grown peanuts before. Good luck!!
whoo hoo! Fev-vers!
Thanks so much for coming to my party. That hairball you left was artwork, it should have been framed!
Our feather sticks all look like your old one - clearly we are of the same mind when it comes to feather sticks :-)

Oh wow, a peanut plant! Do the peanuts grow from the plant, or underground?
We dont know bout peanuts, but mebbe iffen they get too much sunlight, ya should spred some peanut butter on en fer protection. We seen Beins spred some kinna Bein butter on themselfs outside!
Oh I hope it warms up because too much rain isn't a good thing!
Cool fevvers. No mum has never tried to grow peanuts. She says she knows they grow underground like potatoes.
That is very funny, Eric. I might be able to get those plants knocked over, but then again, I might get into a lot of trouble for it. I think I will pass.

What fun - a new feather stick to kill!

We've been getting lots and lots of thunder-boomies here lately. I do not like it at all.
A new feather stick is one of lifes little pleasures!
We know how you feel about the rain, we had 2 months of it this spring & everything flooded. It was dreary & depressing too.
Oooh what an awesome feather stick!!
You might need a bigger pot. My Mom has had peanut plants come up in her garden from where the squirrels planted them (we live in the US). Anyway, they get little yellow blossoms, then the blossom falls over into the dirt and that's where the new peanut comes from.
Your new feather toy looks like fun. Have you ever seen the one called "Da Bird?" It's lots of fun -- it's on a string and when your Mom or Dad swings it around it twirls and makes a sound like bird wings. I'm generally pretty dignified but I just go crazy for that toy!
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