Friday, July 25, 2008


Good And Bad News

I've been having trouble visiting my friends' blogs lately. It has been the last week of term in the schools here and that is always a hectic time for my mum, especially with all the stuff she has been moving as she changes classrooms.

The good news: school's out! My mum is on holiday until September 1st! Woohoo!

The bad news: Eric and Flynn have alerted me to a possible vishus deer attack right here in London! *shiver*

The good news: The sun is shining at last!

The bad news: Now I'm too hot in my floofy fur.

The good news: Holidays mean lots of quality time for me to spend with my mum and do blogging!

The bad news: The humans are getting out their suitcases and counting their Norwegian kroner.

The good news: Tonight I got an unusually large amount of laptime and lots of snuggles from my mum.


Poor Eric. Hey, whenever your beans return & retrieve you from the jailer, we'd like to invite you to join Floof & Fur... you definitely qualify! In the meantime, tell the beans to have a great holiday... and you behave yourself there, make new friends there, and practice up being a meanie for when they get home!
Oh dear! Counting their Norwegian kroner is not a good thing.
We will try to teleport to the jail for a visit!

~ KittyBoy
We read once about "fur-thinnin". Mebbe that would make ya mor confertable in hot wether!

"Kitty jail"? Oh No!
Kitty Jail?? Yikes!!!!!!!!!!
There seems to be a rash of kitties going to jail lately! What cab it mean? Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Purrs Mickey
Oh Eric. I am so sorry. I will have to come and visit you in the kitty jail.
None of dat good news makes up fur da bad news of yoo going to kitty jail! We'll teleport for a visit while yoor der.
We are glad that your mum is on vacation until Sept. 1st, but being sent to kitty jail is not fun at all. We hope they come back soon to spring you.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Poor Eric, kitty jail is not such a good prospect. Shall I send you a file hidden in a can of stinky goodness?
Our parents are abadoning us too! They are bringing in some stranger to sit on us or with us or something (she's called a "pet sitter"). It's not fair so we are having a trash the house party. It's only right to get our revenge....right?
Oh noes! I hope you do not have to stay in jail for very long. Maybe you can have early release for good behavior.
Your beans don't waste any time going on holiday after the term ends. Hope your stay in jail is a short one!
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