Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I'm Home!

Yay! I am out of kitty jail and back in my own home.

Well, everyone was pretty nice to me in the kitty jail and treated me like a celebrity. But 10 nights is a long time and I was starting to wonder if I was there for keeps. This morning I was just digesting my breakfast and lying on my fleecy blanket surveying the view from my cell when I heard familiar voices approaching! And there were my humans! My mum came into my cell and we had a little snuggle, I tried to be outraged and aloof but I was SOOOO pleased to see her. She told the girl who was one of the kitty jail workers that she had missed me licking her hair, and the kitty jail girl told her that I had licked their hair quite a bit. Then all my stuff was packed up like my Gizzy Quilt and my Scratchy Mouse and my feather stick and my comb and then I was packed up in the Evil Cat Carrier. As I was carried through the kitty jail we had to go through the adoption area (one part is the boarding centre and one part is the cat shelter) which was kind of sad because it was full of kitties going "Take me home too!" at my mum and dad. All the staff rushed out and said "Oh, Fat Eric is leaving! We will miss you Eric!"

As we were getting in the car one of the cats who lives there (there are a couple of permanant residents) made a spirited attempt to get taken home with us. He tried to hop in the boot of the car with my Scratchy Mouse. He was a pretty kitty with Siamese colouring and blue eyes and he gave my mum some love and then waved us goodbye.

When we got home my dad was just pulling the car up outside our house when he heard a funny noise. He said "Is the engine making a funny noise?" Then he turned off the engine and my humans realised that the strange noise in the car was actually this really loud PURRRRRRRRRRRing coming from the back seat. I was so happy to be home!

Since I have been home I have been making sure all my usual places are still there. I have had a nap under the yellow chair and scratched up the laundry basket and had some food and made my litter box stinky and sat under mum's chair at dinner time and been out in the garden and slept on Scratchy Mouse and had lots of laptime and cuddles and purred a LOT. Everything is back to normal!

Well, almost. My mum noticed when she was cuddling me that my fur smells like pine wood because most of the buildings at the kitty jail are made of wood (like sheds - my mum really likes the smell of sheds!) and that is what my fur smells like too at the moment. But soon I will smell like my house again.

Big thanks to all my friends who left supportive messages for me while I was in kitty jail. Tomorrow my dad has to go back to work but mum and I have plenty of time for chilling out together - she doesn't start teaching again till September 1st. I am going to snoopervise as she downloads 250 pictures of Norway off her camera. I have lots more news and pictures to come! And wait till you hear about the vishus deer!

Yaaaayyyyyy!!!! You're home! You made it!

We're glad to have you back Eric!
Welcome home, Eric! Your happiness is just bursting out all over in your post! :)

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy ...
Hooray, you've been sprung! We're so glad you are free again.

Thanks for coming by to let us know you're home. Can't wait to see the pix.
Welcome back Fat Eric. We've missed you. When your dad thought he could hear a funny noise, we thought you may have had a kitty stowaway.
Yippeee you're home!!! Kitty jail sounds scary. Snuggle with your Mom and Dad a LOT tonight so they feel really bad about leaving you.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Welcome home ERIC! I am glad you didn't mind your kitty jail - 10 days is a long time, but I am sure they spoiled you.

Have fun cuddling with your Mum : )
Yay!! Welcome home Eric.
Yipeee you are home! Funny that you purred so loud they thought the car was running funny!
Welcome back, mate! All the details of your post made me smile.
Wahoo! You're here, the jail is very bad, I'm in one EVERYDAY you know...

Ready to hear more about you


Yeah! You're home. Finally, 10 days is a long time. You deserve lots of treats for the troubles.
welcome home! whoohooooooo!
Welcome home! I can't wait to see vacation pictures from Norway. Are the vishus deer at it again...oh no!
I'm glad you are home now, I came from a shelter before my Mum and the WB took me home, so I know kinda what you felt like there. That is really funny that they thought something was wrong with the car and it was you purring up a storm.

Welcome home Eric! We don't even go to jail while mom and dad are gone and we still can't ignore dem when dey come home!
Welcome home Eric! We're glad to see you are back with your humans!!!
the Hotties
Welcome home! Here have some ham!
Whoa! 10 days is way too long to spend in jail! Glad they finally sprung you! Enjoy your freedom!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Eric, we are so glad you are back, and survived kitty jail. We know how much you must have missed your mum and dad, and we hope you have some catching up purring time with them over the next couple of days.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
We sure did miss you Eric!
Dude...10 days is a long time to be in jail, but we're glad you're home! Too bad you couldn't take a few of your fellow prisoners home with your. They all want forever homes.
welcome home Eric!!!!
I am so glad your Mum and Dad are home and you are out of kittie jail :-D That is wonderful you have so much time to spend with your Mum before she returns to work!
WELCOME HOME!!! We missed you!
Hooray! You are home! Welcome back, Eric.
***WELCOME home Eric*****

Purrrsss it's good to have you back...
ohhhh, we have missed you terribly. Thank goodness you are back. We are so happy that your "jail" experience was much pleasanter this time. We can't wait to hear about the vishus deer and the photos of Norway.

Roxy & Lucky
WELCOME HOME ERIC!!! Your post really made me smile and I, too, thought the purring was a stowaway! Would you have liked to bring home a companion? :) xxx
Home Sweet Home! Welcome back Eric!!!


Laila and Minchie
We are so glad that you made it home OK. It's nice to get the celebrity treatment, but better to be home. And I'm sure you'll smell like home again real soon.
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