Friday, August 15, 2008


Lucky Sugar's Holiday

My humans recently left me in kitty jail while they went to Norway. So imagine my feelings when I saw a story in the newspapers about a kitty called Sugar whose humans spent a lot of money taking her on holiday to Norway with them! (They also travelled through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden on the way). Now I am outraged. Clearly my humans COULD have taken me to Norway too! Apparently Sugar's humans wanted her to see Norway because she is a Norwegian Forest Cat...

Here is a link to the story, unfortunately in a certain downmarket tabloid paper...You should click where it says "Click here for slideshow" because some of the photos are really good.

And here is a link to Sugar's personal webpage - if you scroll down it tells you about her holiday.

I thought I was a famous and pampered kitty but clearly I have some catching up to do! From now on I will demand more from my humans!

I thought of you Eric when I read about Sugar's travels in the newspaper (not in that certain tabloid I hasten to add!)I'm not sure if you would like to be put on a leash like she was though? But anyway I hope your Beans have taken note !!
Wow! Sugar is so lucky!!!
"Tracy, 40, spent £37,000 on a motor home "

Time to raid the piggy bank Eric ;)
Well, I think it's clear Eric. Your humans are selfish, as are all humans. But don't feel bad...we never get to go anywhere either, 'cept the VET, and no one wants to go there!!
Holy Moly Eric - that's not fair. We didn't even know that was an option. That's it, we're putting our paws down - we're going on the vacation!
We are at a loss for words! Totally unfair to Eric! Boo! Hiss!

Laila and Minchie
Oh Eric, yoor beans is obviously to selfish...oh, mom sez dat is a lot of green papers dat dey spent...we still think it's awful fur dem to go away and not take yoo. We hate da car ride but once we is at da cottage WE LOVE IT!
You need to have a talk with your Mum and Dad!
I feel your pain Momma would take me but the horrible Man she lives with wont hear of it...just wait til I get a clear shot of his ankles!!!
I don't think our beans have that kind of money and time to spend driving around just to visit places like they. They have to get a plane and fly there. I don't think I would want to do that, I am not much of a travelling kittie.
Sugar is a gorgeous cat!!!!!
And she looks so beautiful in that snow picture!!!!
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