Saturday, August 16, 2008


Saturday update

Thank you to all my friends purring for my poorly stomach to get better. I was a very unhappy and hungry kitty last night getting no dinner. I kept mewing at my humans and they kept saying "Sorry Eric, we would feed you if we could but we can't." When they went to bed my mum shut the bedroom door (which she doesn't usually do) because I was still a bit stinky and she didn't want me jumping on the bed in my stinky condition. But! to a hungry 18 lb mancat a closed door is no barrier and I managed to break my way into the bedroom at 5.30 a.m. screaming "Feed me, feed me!" (my humans have not yet worked out how I got the door handle open and I'm not saying!)

At 6 a.m. my mum cracked and went downstairs to start preparing chicken while I got under her feet and mewed a lot more. Finally I got some chicken for breakfast but she didn't give me as much as I wanted so I mewed some more. I was not so stinky this morning.

My humans had lots of coffee and we all sat in front of the TV for a while cheering on some heroic Brits who won medals this morning at the Olympics in the swimming, rowing and cycling.

Then, to my horror, the Evil Cat Carrier came out again, second time in two days! I was disbelieving as I was put in the car again and taken back to the v-e-t. The v-e-t does not open until 10 a.m. on a Saturday and that is when our appointment was. When we got there several people were waiting outside including the v-e-t and a man with a little dog. Would you believe that the nurse who had the door keys had left them at home and we had to wait until she had gone home to get them and come back to unlock the surgery??? Hmm. Anyway, eventually we all got inside and I was first to be seen, thank goodness.

As my usual v-e-t is off work (watching the Olympics) I saw a different locum v-e-t from the one I saw last night. This one was a lady v-e-t who immediately fell in love with my floofiness and kept cuddling me and saying how handsome I was. (True). Unfortunately yet again she took my temperature in a very rude way but my temperature was still normal. She said last night's injection has helped me a bit although I am still rather gassy inside. She laughed at my shaved rear end which I found deeply offensive. She said I have to take antibiotic tablets for 4 days and go back on Wednesday evening for another check-up.

After we got home my humans cornered me and forced a pink pill down my throat, I spat it out the first time but swallowed it the second. Then I got a bit more chicken but still not enough. I am not happy with this treatment so I am planning to sit and sulk for most of the day in between bouts of mewing and scratching the laundry basket to pieces.

My dad has now gone down to Devon for a few days to see Devon Grandma because it is her birthday, so my mum is on single-handed pill-administering duty, which will be interesting.

We are thinking about Violette's family today as they hold her service. We had a sad phone call yesterday too - Mary, who was my mum's first headteacher (principal) when she started teaching and helped her a lot when she was a new teacher, has died very unexpectedly aged 60 and everyone who knew her is very sad. She had recently retired from her final headship and was looking forward to doing lots of travelling with her husband. We are thinking of him and their daughters as well as thinking of Violette today. This has been a terribly sad week.

Oh Eric, so much sadness.
Please be well my friend.
we will be remembering yur friend in ars purrayers. we will be purrayin yur tummy troubles gets better soon.

We are very glad you are feeling a bit better today Eric, and are very impressed with you getting down to 18lbs. I unfortunately, have put all my weight back on, and probably a bit more. I had got down to 19lbs the last time mum weighed me in April. She didn't weigh me when I was ill but could tell I had lost more. I think she could be in for a nasty shock when she does it next.She had to change my crunchies because I kept yakking them, so instead of being on Purina Light, I am now on Natural Balance which are very tasty.
We are sorry to hear about your mum's friend Mary.
Purrs for you to get better soon.
Wez hope your tum tum feels better soon, but I thinks you should make the most of your stinkiness whilez you have it :)
we iz also very sorry to also hear about your momma friend.
This is on crazy week :(
Who could not adore your floofiness? You will feel better furry soon. Give your mom some extra purrs and headbutts today. Hugs and kisses from us to make you both feel better from your pain.
Maybe all this sadness is a way to make us be present now and treasure each minute of each day.
we are glad you are better eric, jut read that you were feeling poorly :)
Oh I'm sorry you are poorly Eric and had such humiliating expdriences at the v-e-t's. Get well soon and be good for your Mum when she has to give you your pills. They will make you better!

What a sad week. I'm very sad for Sprout's family and for the loss of your Mum's friend Mary.

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} xxx

Poor Eric, I hope your tummy troubles get better soonest. I am sending purrs to your mum on the loss of her friend.
Eric, we sure hope your tummy starts feeling better really soon, so you can eat properly again. It is no fun when you are feeling poorly :(
(((((HUGS))))) to all of you today ...
Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan
Glad you are feeling better Eric. Sending condolences to your Mum and purrs to you.
We're glad you're on the mend Eric, though sorry that you had to go through all that (the humiliation!).

We'll be purring for your Mum's friend today as well. Such a sad week, so much purring to do.

Purrs and {{{Hugs}}}
Hang in there bud. We feel sorry for your shaved butt. That can be humiliating. We're sending you purrs to get tons better, ok?

We're sorry to hear about your Mum's principal dying so suddenly. This has been a very sad week all around.


Luf, Us
Hope you feel well son Eric.
I am sorry so much sadness has come to you as well.

Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie
Oh, Eric. The exact same thing happened to me earlier this summer. I'm better now, but Mum still is on 'poop patrol' since I'm an older mancat.
I DID like the special food, though.
Take care,
It's been a terribly sad week.
We hope you feel better soon.
~ The Bunch
I am so sorry that your tummy is feeling bad, Eric! I hope you are all better soon.

Many purrs to you during this very sad time.
I's glad you's feels a little better, and the vetbean sez that you are on the mend.

I am concerned that you aren't getting enough to eats. We big man cats needs ta eat ta keeps ups our strengths. Purrs to keep getting betters!!!
Awe Eric, we hope yoor feeling lots better...we're sorry your mom's frend went away to heaven. ((((hugs))))
Eric - we are sending you healing purrs. Please give your mom a hug for us. Such a sad week....

{{{Hugs to you all}}}

-The McKitten-Cats
(and their mom and dad)
It was such a sad week.
We are very sorry to hear about your Mom's teacher. Sometimes life just piles it up...
Big (((((HUGS))))) to you.
(((hugs))) and headbutts too!


Thanks for stopping by our blog and celebrating Moki's Gotcha Day with us!


We are very sorry to here about Mary, our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends, as are with Sprouts.
Yeah Eric!!! we are glad you are feeling better.

Oh, Eric, we are sorry about your mom's friend. You are right, this has been a terribly sad week. The CB reports that Sprout's service was beautiful.

One ray of sunshine is that you are doing better today. And you made us laugh. However did you get that door open? Jan used to have a cat that could open doors so she had to make sure the outside doors were always locked.

{{{{Hugs}}}} to you and yours.

From all of us at JFF
Purrs and hugs from all of us. This has been such a sad week. We'll be thinking of your mom's friend too, and also hoping for your speedy recovery.
(((Hugs))) frum Hay-why-eee. I hope yore sicky tummy continues to feel better.
Eric we are glad you are feeling better! We are so sorry about your Mom's friend! (((((((Hugs, hugs and more hugs from our family to yours!
Your fL furiends,
Purrs and hugs.

We were sad to hear about your mommy's friend. Our mommy lost a friend at age 60 this week too.

We're purring for you to feel better. Well, except the OTW, she just sends head smoochies and her extra special superduper spine scritches.

Jack, Persephone and Brenda
What a trauma! The troubles we long hairs must overcome - the shorties can never understand.
Eric, we have the funniest word-picture in our heads of you bashing the bedroom door in and demanding food!!!!!
This has been such a sad week. I'm sorry your Mum's friend passed :(

I did not know you were feeling bad. Purrs for you that soon your tummy is all better.

PS: Try not to give your Mum too much of a hard time when she has to give you your medicine. The medicine will help you to feel better!
I'm glad you seem to be feeling a little bit better ... ?

That is so sad about your mom's friend. It was a sad week. We're so sorry.

Keep taking that medicine, Eric!
I hopes your tum tum iz feelin better. We iz missin' all of our frendz, & we sendz you hugz.
Love, Dr Tweety
Phew, we hope your tummy gets better quick, we are very sorry about Mary and yes, it was a rather sad week in the blogosphere. We hope you get better quick, Eric.

oh Eric you poor it very wrong of me though to quite want to see you with your shaved tail?
It will only emphasise its usual floofy gloriousness !
But I hope you are feeling better now xx
"Oh" Eric I'm so sorry to hear your feeling sick please take your medicine and get better soon....Hugs Ariel
oh Eric, this sux! i'm sorry i didn't know, my typist has been slacking!

i am turning mine and Bendrix's healing purrs on high for you buddy. Bendrix sayz he is proud of you for wiping your booty on the carpet. that is a good way to remind your beans who is in charge.

i have IBS so I get Laxitone every other day. perhaps you could talk to your vet about that. i have not had a flare up (or needed a "sac squeeze") in ages because of the Laxitone. it also helps with hairballs.

take care buddy, take your meds and keep us posted.
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