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I have been helping my mum to unpack. It takes her a long time to get round to doing this sort of thing if she is not snoopervised. I was interested to find out what she had brought back from Norway.
I was very happy to see that she had visited a Norwegian pet emporium and brought me back some genuine Norwegian fishy treats. If you look closely at the bag you can see it says "essence of Norway". Well I tried a few sprinkled on my stinky goodness and they were very tasty. My mum says that most of the cat foods and toys on sale in Norway were the same as we have here in the UK. She met some friendly Norwegian cats and I will post pictures of them soon.

After trying the Norwegian treats I went back to helping to unpack the suitcases.


What on earth has she got in this suitcase? Can it be...a vishus Norwegian deer???!!!

Welcome home Eric. Did your Mum meet any Norwegian Forest Cats over there? I hope she only brought the antlers back and not the whole vishus deer!
Dude, what the hell is that thing?!? Run, Eric, run!
those treats look yummy, but eeeeeeeeeeeek! where's the rest of the Vishus Deer? is it running loose in your house?
Oh my Cod! Run, Eric, run fast!
How could you be attacked by a deer in a suitcase? Was your mom sober when she packed?
OMC!!!!! How dare her bring one of those into the house!!!
That is just weird. ::scratches head:: Don't worry about it - just eat those treats!
Be careful
Be Furrry furry careful...

The treats sound very tasty. But why would she bring vicious deer antlers home?! Doesn't she know they're vicious?!
OMG!!! Why would she bring a vishus deer home???!??

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Why on earth was your mum possessed to bring home vishus deer antlers? Maybe she will take them to school and you won't see them again.
Ooof, just seeing dem antlers gave us da heeby jeebies...
At least the food looks good, but I think you should watch out for the other stuff she is carrying...
Holy Mackerel, she brought back a vishus deer. That's just not right. That is cool about the fishy flakes tho.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Welcome home! Those fishy treats look yummy, but I'd stay clear of whatever that thing is in the suitcase.
OMG! I will be right over to protect you, Eric, from that vishus deer. Of course, I will bring my mom so she can do all the hard work. hahahaha


PS Our friends the Wigglebutts live in Norway.
We're hiding after seeing those vishus deer antlers! The treats sound good, but are you sure they aren't just to lure you to the suitcase?

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
That is so great that your mom brought you something back from her trip. I will be waiting to see if my mom brings me anything back!
When that last picture came scrolling up we just about fled in horror! She better have a good excuse for this!
Wow, treats from NORWAY? Cool!
That deer thing looks SKEERY! But I bet those treats are furry yummy!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
That wooks wike an awesome souvenir! Be vewy careful of that vishus thing!
HI Eric,
We have an award for you over at Caturday! Come pick it up!
Zuleme, Harper and Ramona.
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