Monday, August 11, 2008



The whole Cat Blogosphere has been shocked and saddened to hear that our friend Monty Q's family have lost Violette (Sprout). She was only 3 months old.

Thinking of her family at this time and sending them many sympathies and purrs.

We are hear broken. We are sending our love to Monty's family.
We were so shocked when we heard. How horrible for the family.
The Moms eyes have been leaking all day. This was such a shock.
Prayers and ((Hugs))for Monty's family.
~ The Bunch
We are saddened by this terrible news. Our hearts go out to her family.
Our hearts are aching for Sprout's family. In times like this, when life shows how short it can be, we taking time to tell all our special friends how dearly you've touched our lives. Fat Eric & family, you are loved.

Hugs & Purrs,
from Rocky, Sharolyn
& everybody at Artsy Catsy
we are still leaky eyed over this.

we'll miss her beautiful smile.
This is so sad, isn't it!
So so sad for a little one to die!
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