Sunday, September 28, 2008


Look What I Got!

A parcel! From Mericky! Addressed to me?

No it is not from Uncle Sim, the forgetful one in Montana. It is from my trusty ginger blogosphere friend DERBY!!!

And you know what was it in? You're right - GREENIES!!! Several long weeks I have been without Greenies, and look how many packets Derby managed to squeeze into the box!
Ohhh, they smell so good! Quick, open one please.*nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*
THANK YOU DERBY! I will have to think of something special to send you, my ginger friend!

Don't forget you can still enter my 300th post contest until midnight on Tuesday night. Click on the logo to go to the contest post. Right, must go and beg for more Greenies now...

Wow, you've hit the jackpot Eric. That Derby knows just what a kitty needs. You should be okay for about a week, right?


Gypsy & Tasha
Whooohooo Eric! That's the kind of mail we would want to get!
Hooray for Derby!!
Now Eric's tummy is happy! Enjoy in moderation, floofy friend!
Ooooh! A treasury of treats!
Wow! Look at all those Greenies! Derby is a wonderful mancat to send those to you :-D
Dearest F.E, can you email MomBean your address? She can't find it and I'm going to eat the treats on the table if she doesn't mail them soon.
Hurrah! The Greenie famine is over!
Dat Derby is such a fine mancat! It's good to haf frends.
Yoo must be sure to send a thank yoo card. Thats whut my grammy tells me. Dats a lotta Greenies!
Wow! Hooray for Derby!! We have to wait for our Beans to go to Canada and Mericky before we get any more Greenies.
Concats on winning 'Where's Chey'. Mum thinks maybe Plymouth Hoe looked a bit different because the photo is taken looking over from Mt.Edgecombe instead of one end or the other.
Dood! Wat a find! Concatulations on all the Greenies!

Luf, Us
Glad the package arrived safely and the customs crew didn't take them home for their kittie. Enjoy!

And for Mr Echo, Fat Eric did send me a thank you card by e-mail. It was furry cute!
WOW!!!!! You got the motherlode!!!!!
You're gonna have a ton of fun now!!!
Purrs Mickey
What a pal! Derby is wonderful!
Derby sure is a great pal. I have just discovered the wonderful taste of Greenies!
Wow! Derby is one generous doood! I mean, we all KNEW that, but it's still kinda cool to see how many Greenies he sent you!
What a sweet kitty Derby is. Enjoy the greenies.

Enjoy the Greenies, Eric. Derby is very sweet.
Wow we may have to teleport over there for some Greenies. That was realy nice if Derby to help you out. And you deserve extra treats to make up for all that you would have gotten had there been some in the house
You are so lucky! Enjoy your treasure chest of goodies:)
-Fui, Suey and Evie.
I am glad you have gotten more greenies! I hate to think of a cat wasting away without his favorite treats...
OH Eric sum kitties half all dee luck...

Hooray for Greenies! Derby is nice.
Oh, very cool. Tell me Eric, do the greenies from America taste like the ones you get there?
Oh Fat Eric, thank goodness someone remembered to send you your Greenies! Derby, is such a great pal!

I think you should start importing Greenies yourself and selling them in the UK!
Wow, lookit all those pouches of Greenies! That was SO NICE of Derby...
ERIC!! ME gived you a award! - Billy
F.E., I am so so happy you got your care package full of greenies! Bon Apetit mon ami!
Lucky Eric! That was way nice of Derby. He's a nice cat. Those Greenies look good too.
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