Friday, September 19, 2008


Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Arr, it be Meow Like A Pirate Day once again! And I be grateful to me good friends the Meowers from Missouri for organisin' the pirate antics in the blogosphaarrr this year. Aye, and I be off to sail the seas on the good ship the Black Furrball with those Purrageous Pirates!

With a yo ho ho and a bottle of milk...

Garrrr me hearties.We've found another English buccaneer. We're off to sail the seven seas and if you join our scurvy crew, you can share in our barrel of nip rum. Garrr and a yohoho and 15 cats on a dead man's chest.
Ships ahoy mate. Ye lo'k fierce wi'h that der hat and ye ging'r fur. Well done inde'd mate.
Looking good mate!
I didn't join the fun this year, hope Mom will let us next time.
~ Napoleon
Yar matey!
Yo ho ho... and a bottle of MILK? Can we encourage you towards... say, rum?
I wonder if I like milk? Anyway, you are a great pirate, Eric.

Just let me warn you about the perils of too much Temptations!!!!!
Happy Pirate Day, handsome one!
Karl and Ruis dressed up at their blog - but we are still doing the Dare...
Mrs. OZ and Tintin
Arrrr! A fine lookin' kitty pirate you are!
I like that "yo ho ho and a bottle of milk" I was just telling Derby I didn't know how to meow like a pirate but now you taught me! Thanks Eric!
Arrrr! That do be some fine loot . . .a bottle o' milk indeed!
Me'arrrr! We shall see aboard the Black Furrball to loot and pilage all the greenies and temptations we can find!

The Black Pearl, Deadeye Jake and Sealegs Bert
Ahoy mateys!!
Happy Pirate Day!!

Arrrrg! Come over to our ship matey and we'll share our booty wif ya!
meYARRRRRR! we be mighty glad ye took t'the sea today, matey! we has suspicioned all along that wif yer name, ye might be one o' them there norse piratey folk of old!!
Ahoy Matey! Let's sail the high seas and drink some grog!
Purrss right back at you. thanks

Kodak, Winton, 3 Perf, Blossom and mom
Avast, what a fine pirate ye be on this glorious day! Let's set sail for Temptations and Ham!

Purrrs, Mad Charity Bonney aka China Cat
MeARRRRRR! And Avast! It's a fine pirate ye be!

I be wonderin', do ye be teachin' classes in th' runnin' off o' the Evil Intruder Kitties?

~One Eyed Jack
Eric, you are a very handsome and floofy pirate :-D

I hope all of you are having a good weekend.
ME-ARRR!!! What a fine specimen of a pirate!

Yo ho ho and a bag of nip!
You make a great pirate, Eric! :)
Eric, you look piratastic. FAZ
Cool hat!
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