Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A Mystery

Eric, do you know anything about these feathers all over the lawn? Feathers? Oh, those feathers. No, I don't know anything about them. Why don't you try asking that Evil Intruder Kitty right over there, the one with the feathers sticking out of his mouth??? P.S. My 300th post contest closes tonight. Stay tuned for the winner sometime soon!

Evil Intruder Kitty is BUSTED!
Well there's no way you can be blamed for that!
Uh oh! I think that intruder is in trouble!
Bad evil intruder kittie. We only see fevvers in the yard like that when Mr Hawk comes around.
heh heh heh. At least you have an alibi! And a solid one at that.

Dood. Fev-vers in da mouf? Uh oh.

Luf, Us
It's hard to argue with a mouthful of fev-vers, Eric!
Uh oh, what did the intruder kitty eat????
I hope black kitty has a home. But just in case he does not have a home, it is a good thing he can catch birds to feed himself.
Sheesh, evil introoder kitty almost got yoo in trubbul. We say send him home and make his beans ground him fur life.
We jus checked, all 3 of Mom's fevvers still have all their fevvers, so it's ok, we guess. But evil introoder kitties are still evil introoders.
Fevvers in the mouth are kinda indicatin something. Like maybe tasty snack.
He really is an Evil Intruder Kitty! Maybe your Mum will help you keep Evil Intruder Kitty out of your yard.
Oh my goodness. Is it Basement cat?
Uh Oh! What happened? Maybe they just came from a feather pillow, he, he, he.....
Looks like he got caught with the evidence!
Yup, EIK is busted!
"Oh My" the evil intruder is busted!!!
Hey Eric, is sure is a good fing that you got pwoof in pictures of the bird-killing culprit! Whispurr doesn't mind when I chatters my teefies out da front door at birdees but if'n I wuz to catch one? Well, there'd be tail to pay! ~ Purrs, Redfurd
Oh dear! Poor birdy! At least you're clearly innocent. (This post made our Lady laugh, though she feels bad about the bird.)

hmph. dunno what the big deal is. fev-vers is fur eating.
That is a pretty black kittycat. We hope it has a home!
Thank you for your suggestions about our sisfur, Maggie Mae!
~ Sara and Noah
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