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I have been suffering from severe neglect this week. It's all very sad.

Firstly, my mum went back to school this week. That meant I had to get used to being alone all day again when my humans are at work. I preferred it when she was at home making a fuss of me!

Secondly, it's always madness during the first week of term. On Monday and Tuesday my mum was working really late in her new classroom moving lots of furniture and unpacking heavy boxes of books and coming home needing a Radox bath because she had worn herself out. That meant that my dinner was served really late too! Then on Wednesday the children started school and since then she has been even busier. This weekend she brought home 20 pages of lesson planning to do - so she's been hogging the computer and hasn't even helped me to blog ALL WEEK!!!

Thirdly, my humans had to do an emergency trip to buy my special catfood today because they had been so busy this week that they FORGOT to check whether I had plenty of food or not. I nearly ran out!!!

Fourthly (and possibly worst of all), my mum has only just realised that there are only a few Greenies left in the open bag and NO MORE BAGS of Greenies in the cupboard! This is serious! You can't even buy them here in the UK, how could she let my Greenies supply run this low?? She has sent an urgent e-mail to Uncle Sim asking him to send some over from Montana, but I know I am going to run out before the ones he sends can get here! And what if he forgets?? I may go into withdrawal!

My humans really need to get their act together, or I'm going to be looking for new humans!

Well, we sure hope dey learn from da error of der ways and dat yoo don't hafta look fur new beans. Moving is hard.
I'm weeping for you Eric! If your uncle forgets, send me your address and Mommy will send you some!
We promise.
Oh Eric...we feel for you! We hope your mom gets it together soon!

No greenies....oh, that hurts!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Oh NO! This is way beyond awful news. We sure hope things improve or you'll need new beans.

Luf, Us
Oh, dear! Low on food AND Greenies? We hope you do not need to get new humans, they are very tiresome to break in.

You have to import your Greenies? LOL!
Shessh, your humans get a failing grade for kittie care this week. Low food and low on Greenies? Just not acceptable. I may have to send mum to the store for a stash.
WHAT?! Just disgruntled shows was a gentleman cat you are Eric. I'd have been ENRAGED over this treatment.

I hope that they get their acts together.
We can feel for you. Our Mommy went back to work last week. Then, she had the gaul to say she is taking a clason Thursdays and won't be home until 10:30!!!

((Comforting purrs))

Reggie, Riley, Abby and Batman
Oh, Eric, there's just no excuse for this, no matter how you look at it. I hope your mum shapes up soon. ;-)
you me and Bendrix have got to get together and make a plan for our mothers. mine is doing the same thing to me!
i didn't even know your EIK issues had gotten so bad.
i think they need more training. perhaps one of your mommy's fellow teachers can give us some tips on "lesson plans for wayward beans..."
Oh you poor kitty......this is bordering on abuse!! Hopefully your mama will get her mind where it belongs...on YOU!!

hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus & Emma
Oh no! Poor Eric. It's awful the way you've been neglected! I hope you don't run out of Greenies on top of every thing :-0
You need da Greenies? Well shoot, I can do that...
Eric, this is an outrage. I am truely appalled that you should suffer so.

*plays ENORMOUS violin*

Poor're on the verge of starvation and now NO GREENIES?! Does anycat have any greenies they could send Eric? It's a real emergency.
Poor Eric, first your floof and now all of this!? You may have to throw a house trashing party just to get your Mum and Dad back in line!
Those are some very serious concerns, Eric. We hope your mom's schedule settles down and things get back to normal for you. We hope you get your greenies in time.

Hey, Eric, we got your comment about Mr. Milky's ceiling fan pulls, and it gave me an idea - Do you have mini-blinds in your house, or some other kind of blinds with a pull cord? We're sitting down tonight and creating pulls that are on cord rather than chain, so they could be used on blinds ... or actually tied on just about anything! What do you think?

Oh Eric, I can feel your pain! My mom says you should be compassionate with your mom since teachers sound like they are over worked everywhere (the UK and the US)!

I have an idea about the greenies...but you will have to be clever when you do this. Casually look in your mum's wallet and memorize a credit card number. Then, find a friend who has thumbs and have them get on e-bay and order some greenies with the credit card number you have memorized. Make sure it's over-night delivery. Good Luck my friend.
Eric this is awful for you. Your Mum gets terribly busy this time of year but she should know by now to stock your cupboard full then you won't go low due to her busyness.
(Hope she has a better class this year)
Hoo boy. We feels guilty coz we hafs a bag of greenies in owr cubboard an it is not efun open yet. Schmaybe we could teleport it ofur?
You are hafin a hard week. So we are teleportin a couple of our best Nip leafs ta help ya feel better!
Hi! I finally get to come and visit my friends. How are you doing?

I'm so sorry that you are disgruntled! I know how that feels. How about teleporting over here and maybe we can make each other feel gruntled again!
I hope that you have a wonderful day!
Poor Eric! We'd be disgruntled too.
Humans....Sheesh !!!!
Oh no, Eric! Sounds like your humans are as bad as mine! I wonder if it's something in the air this time of year!

I thought about not doing anything cute or nice, but then I decided to take the high road and be extra purry and lovey and make my OTW feel guilty.

Thank you for your birthday wishes. We're having a house-trashin' party in a couple weeks 'cause my peoples are going away AGAIN, maybe twice. Why don't you come and help trash our place, and if you need your place trashed to teach your mummy a lesson, I'll come over and bring both Persephone and PersePHONY.

Hey, yore Mommy is not helpin yoo blog. They must STILL be negleckting yoo. Poor Eric. We sends yoo lotsa purrs.
I can't believe the neglect you've had to endure. Your Greenie crisis is a very serious matter and I hope your uncle Sim can send some to you in time to avoid Greenies withdrawal.
NO MORE GREENIES! You are quite right to be disgruntled Eric!

I was sad to hear you were feeling unwell and had to go to the Vet several times! I hope you are feeling better.

I have missed reading your blog this past month. My Mum is finally able to help me blog and I am trying to catch up with all my friends!

Have a great weekend and be sure to keep those evil intruder kitties out of your garden!
The food is one thing, but running out of Greenies is terrible! Oh, I hope they come soon.
Hey there! It's me, Marley! And I go craaaay over Greenies too - my dad says they must be "kitty drugs" because I am addicted to them! My little brother Reggie can't eat them yet though because his adult teeth haven't come in yet and his baby teeth just don't cut it with those hard green pieces! One time I ate so many my poo was green!
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