Saturday, September 13, 2008


Saturday Caturday

Thank you to all my friends who expressed their concern over my severe neglect recently! I'm afraid this week hasn't been much better. My mum has been trying to whip her new class into shape (they need a Firm Hand apparently), doing lots more schoolwork at home, and not giving me nearly enough lap time. Even worse...


Hideous. Anyway, things might be improving a little. My mum has finished most of her start of term paperwork and today (Saturday) she did no schoolwork at all. Even better, it was warm and sunny - we haven't had much sunshine this summer. My mum has bought a second-hand bike for cycling to school and getting fit (ha ha) - so we spent most of today out in the garden. My dad was tinkering with the bike, my mum was doing some gardening (the sunflowers are out now) and I was mostly sunbathing, apart from when I had to chase out one Evil Intruder Kitty. Also today I have had lots and lots of laptime so I am feeling a bit happier. My mum bought me some inferior cat treats and I am trying to be brave and hope that Uncle Sim will send me some Greenies soon. I am wasting away!

As it is Caturday, I thought I would post pictures of some cats my mum and dad saw in Norway this summer while I was in the kitty jail. My mum said they saw lots of cats in Norway.
This cat was in a garden on the island of Bygd√ły, just outside Oslo. My mum and dad were walking to the Folkemuseum at the time to see the old Norwegian houses. We don't know why this cat shares his garden with a penguin, but lots of people in Norway seem to have sculptures in their gardens.
This cat was just round the corner from the first one. He was kind enough to lead my humans down the road and show them where the Folkemuseum was.
This cat was in Bergen, living in some old almshouse cottages just opposite the Leprosy Museum (!!) in a cobbled courtyard. He was very dignified and handsome.
Hang on, this isn't a cat! Oh wait, my mum says this is a rescued baby seal called Linus who was at the Bergen Aquarium being taught to catch fish. She wants me to include him, even though he isn't a cat, just because he's kind of cute. All right then!

To make up for all the neglect I have had suffering, my mum says I can hold a contest really soon! I have got some good prizes and I am excited about this, so look out for further details!

If you need a shipment of Greenies, I will be happy to help out. Let me know.
Eric, let us know if you want greenies! We can get you some too!
No Greenies? THE HORROR!!!
We like Greenies, but prefer Temptations. We can't imagine actually running out. Aaaahhh!
The offer still stands Eric, I will send some Greenies, because a day without Greenies is like a day without sunbeams!
Aaargh no Greenies! We are running low too. We are trying to make them last out until the Beans go to Canada and Mericky on their next cruise next month.
Today is the second sunny day in a row for us, and we are making the most of it in the garden sunning our furrs.
Those look like some nice kitties that your Beans met in Norway.
Eric! Fret not, I found the Woman's plastic thingy and bought some Greenies for you. I'll get them in the mail tommorrow!
Well, we hope that the lap petting will make up for your being neglected. And we hope you get some greenies soon. I don't know what I would do without broccoli.
Can't wait to hear about the contest.

We will offer to send you some greenies also. We just recently discovered them and know how delicious they are. We are glad that you are getting more lap time. That is very important.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Can you imagine, I've never had Greenies, but is sounds cruel for you to be out of them.
Linus the seal is cat-sized so maybe he counts even if he is furless.
Oh no! I hope your Uncle's shipment arrives soon!
The neglect sounds terrible! We hope things get back ta normal very soon! An escecially that ya get more Greenies very soon...
Oh my - we don't even know what greenies ARE.....
But we are looking forward to the contest! We love contests!!! And do not miss to come over and accept the Dare that we have up right now!!!!!
Dear Eric,
What a fine collection of cats! Our favorite is the meowing one at the top. We want to play with him.

We also want to play with you, maybe we can meet up in a dream some time?

Abby & Stygia
you haf been in the kitty jail quite a bit this year Fat Eric, we think you should perhaps lodge a protest by urping on yer Moms pillow and leaving a furr ball in their shoes ~the fluffy tribe
Eric, I am glad that your neglect hasn't continued. I was very worried and was thinking of calling the authorities, I am glad I won't have to turn your Mum and Dad in.

Be strong until the Greenies arrive!
Poor Ewic. Mine Mummy has been negwecting me too and wented to China for 2 weeks, but now she's back and I'm NOT wetting her get out of mine sight.
Hi!! Waving at you from Canberra - this is Pyewacket and Trixie and Tigger.

You know your evil intruder? Well we have him here too! The same one!

Trixie has been screaming at him all year and now Pyewacket has started crying and yelling at him through the window.

Mom can't cope with two of us doing it so she took someone's advice and got a spray bottle with ammonia and went round to the outside of the window sills and puffed a little on them.

Our windows are shut so we don't smell it. Mom hasn't seen the evil intruder now for two days.

The noise we made as we tried to attack it through the window was too upsetting and too scary for mom.

We hope it stays in its own yard for a while! We heard that cats don't like to be where there is an ammonia smell. Oh and it fights other nice neighbourhood cats in our yard. Even a 17 year old one!
Loved the pictures! Can your mom at least get to the human store and buy you some Temptations? This neglect must stop!
It sounds like your Mum and Dad are trying to make up - but I'm not sure that there's anyway to make up for being out of Greenies!!!!

The Norwegian kitties (and seal) sure are cute!

I was so relieved to read that Monty's sending you Greenies!

I have awards for you at mine blog!
Come and get 'em.
gasp! you're out of Greenies?? your beans need some more training Eric. perhaps a hairball in their shoe will show your displeasure.

i gave you an award on my blog. i hope it makes you feel better!
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