Thursday, October 09, 2008


The £10,000 Cat

We read a story about a very lucky kitty who lost his miaow...but his devoted human paid £10,000 to get it back for him! His name is Cadbury and you can read his story here.

Thank you for the purrs for my mum's cold and cough germs to go away. They are still hanging around. She went back to work today (against my feline advice) and felt terrible all day, I told her she should have stayed home with me!

For the first time in days we saw some autumn sunshine today and it's supposed to stay all weekend. My dad has gone away for a few days to visit a friend and do some climbing so I am in charge of my mum...I think he wanted to get away from all the germs!

My Mum has the flu now too! She stayed home yesterday and I did my best to heal her, but like your Mum she went to work today and feels awful.

Why of why won't they take our excellent advice and stay home and cuddle with all day?
there really is no price when it comes to our loved ones.

I am glad Cadbury got his meow back!
oh, what a lovely mum that lad has (as is yours, however much she doesn't listen;-)! can you find out if there is a way (prolly paypal; we suppose a 'merickan checque would be more bother than it was worth) that we could help her out a bit? maybe others of us could do, too?
Meowers, this might be useful to contact to see if Cadbury's mum works there
That is a lot of Temptations! I think I would like it Gandalf lost his Meow, for a little while anyway. -Grayson
Meowers, it is furry sweet of you to think of that. I think actually since the story has been in the papers here she has had some offers of help. She works for SEAT (the car makers) when she is not volunteering for the RSPCA, and I read in another paper that SEAT were going to make a donation to Cadbury for good PR!
We hope your Mom is better by now!!! Just in case, here are some healing purrs:
I know mum loves me but probably not to spend that much money on me! Purrs that your mum gets well soonest.
That is a wonderful story about Cadbury. It is nice that some people want to help with that huge bill.
We hope you mother rests over the weekend.

Oh what a lucky cat. I am sorry your person didn't listen to you. I hope that she starts feeling better anyway!
I'm glad the vets were able to help Cadbury. He's a lovely fella.

Now Eric, the trick is to sit on your Mum's chest when she is in bed with the flu and NOT MOVE. This way, she won't be able to go to work and can stay home to be nursed by you.

The coldy/flu thing is really nasty
this year.
*woo hoo*
Good news for Cadbury...and we are glad yur Mum is feeling juss a whittle better...

How is your mom doing today? Colds are not fun and the Lap Lady gets really cranky if she catches one.

Our mom is still hacking & coughing too. Its been 8 days now.
oh no! your poor mommy is sick AND she didn't listen to your advice? i hope she stayed home today (Fri) and rested. purrrrrs to make her feel better.

that is one lucky kitty. mommy said she'd do that for me!
The Cadbury cat is lucky to have such a Mom, Wow, what a bill!
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