Friday, October 03, 2008


Floofy Friday - Good Morning, Mum!

LOVE the dimple!
What a sleepyhead you are!

Kitty Karviar is very thin almost sheets of transparent flakes of we guess fish. It stinks to high heaven. Minchie won't go near it and mom is always going "Eee-uuu" when she opens the can. If you are familiar with dry fish food for fish in fish tanks, it is sort of like that.

aaaaaaaawwwwwww that is sweet. you are a handsome floofy ginger boy for sure!
Eric, you still look a little sleepy!
Your Mom is very lucky to see that in the morning!
Oh Eric, what a sweet face!
What a precious face. Your mum must love waking up to your sweet floofy face:)
Ahhh...Eric, you look so cute and still a little bit sleepy. Go back to sleep and get up later.

When my Mum gets up I greet her and then I watch her go down the driveway and get in the car and then I go back to bed : )
Eric, you look as if you are not really ready to wake up yet.
awww and what a face to wake up to, absolutely darling!!
Mom loves waking up like that! Who could open their eyes to a face like that and not start the day of with a huge smile!?
Go back to sleep, Eric:) Your mum is lucky to have such a handsome mancat to wake up to.

-Fui, Suey and Evie.
Oh, Eric, that is a great photo.

Eric, are you still sleeping? You don't look very enthused with being awakened.

Luf, Us
Not sure you look overjoyed to be awakened, Eric, but at least your mum didn't use the flash on the flashy-box. And you do indeed look like a sight that would make it a good morning...
Good morning Eric...what a way to wake up!
What a lovely sight for your Mum when she wakes up. Eric you are a very handsome mancat.
Oh, how sweet :-) I hope you're having a good weekend, Eric.
ZZZZZ, Yawn, I'm sleepy!
Love that Super Floof!
You do not look like you were ready to get up yet. We hope you remained asleep!

Abby & Stygia
what a gorgeous face to wake up to!

we're gonna post a GW update soon. we need more pictures. he's all better, and our Lady bought a small doghouse with a comfy cushion for the kitties because it's getting colder outside. GW needs to go in to get fixed this week, and the Lady is trying to find help for her mom in getting the rest of the little colony fixed. the momcat hasn't brought her new kittens over yet. they should be 3 weeks old, and we bet they'll be over soon. GW has been coming in the house (the Lady's mom's house, not ours), and wants to be a house kitty, but is still shy around strangers. he has a special interest in curtains, and has managed to pull them right off the rods. now there's one more kitten (LG, Little Gray) who can be picked up (by the Lady's mom only), so she'll be getting de-flea'd and de-wormed next.
You have a cute sleepy face, Eric.
Who didn't want to get out of bed then? Your Mum is blessed to have such a cute kitty who doesn't wake her up at the crack of dawn, heh heh!

I've given you an award so please pop over and pick it up when you're less sleepy:) xxx
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