Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Toes On Tuesday

My humans have got a new duvet and pillowcase set, I have been testing it to check that the colour goes with my fur. I think it contrasts with me quite well.
My mum is still sick...yesterday she went in to teach with her cold and after a day of talking at her class her voice had disappeared. Mysterious. Now the cold has gone to her chest so she was up coughing all night, so after she had called in sick this morning and sent dad off to work, she and I spent the morning in bed and the afternoon on the sofa. I am using all my nursing skills. She is not going to work tomorrow either because she still doesn't have a voice. I like having a human to sit on all day.

Here is a picture of my big, floofy mancat toes, just because it's Tuesday!

Please tell your Mommy that I hope she feels better soon.
Your toesies are soooooo wonderful!
Oh we love your toes! Sure hope your mom feels better soon. Im sure with all your care she will be back to normal in no time.
Awwww, you've got wunnerful big floofy mancat toes -- you make Momma say SQUEE!!!! Sounds like yur takin superduper good care of yur Momma! She's lucky to have a great mancat like you around. We Ballicai are purrin that she feels bettur furry soon!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Eric, that is a good color for you!

I hope your mom gets better soon.
very cuddly and squeezable toesies .

Your beans did a good job choosing a new duvet cover, the colours go excellent with your furs.

I hope your Mummy feels better soon, keep sitting on her - I know that makes Mums better quickly!
That pillow is just purrfect for you, Eric! And the color is magnificent! We hope your Mom feels better soon. Colds are nasty yucky.
purrrrsss to your mommy!!!!!

that duvet looks very good wif your furs.
We love your toesies!
I just love your big toesies! Kisses to you and get-well wishes to Mummy! ~ Whimpurr ~
I will purr for your Mum to get better!

Mum sends kisses for those cute toes. I send healing purrs to your mum to get better.
We hope your mom gets better soon. It is good that you are nursing her. She should definitely improve with your care.

Roxy & Lucky
Awww...take good care of your mum. Let her hold onto your toes, it makes me feel better when I hold my puppy's toes.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO those are great toeies pictures Eric...

You look very handsum on any duvet Eric. Good of you to nurse your mum. The class must have stolen her voice.
Yes yes yes. You must take care of your mummy and tell her to take lots of naps and drink lots of fluid.

PS - you do look nice on that new duvet.
I hope your Mom gets feeling better. Maybe you can lay on the new duvet with her and help her feel better.
Our mom has the same thing. Her cold went to her chest and she coughs & coughs. She's sore from it.
I hope your mom feels better soon.This darn cold is hard to shake....Hugs Ariel
Oh no! I know you like having your Mum home with you, but I hope she's feeling better soon.
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