Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Weeeeeird Weather!

First, thank you all so much for the purrthday wishes! So many friends stopped by to wish me a happy purrthday, I was overwhelmed! I will be trying to get round to all my friends to thank them. (I have had limited blogging time over the last few days owing to my mum selfishly being mostly out enjoying herself with Cornish Auntie rather than at home devoting herself to me!)

More strange things have been happening here, mostly to do with weeeeeird weather!

A few days ago my mum took this picture of the sunflowers which are still blooming at the front of our house. You can see they are quite tall. You can see some of our neighbours' houses across the road. You can also see that it is a nice, sunny autumnal day and there are even a few roses still out.
Last night it got very cold. My humans were watching TV and I was snoozing on my mum's lap, when my dad went outside to get something from the car. He came rushing back in, going "You'll never guess what - it's SNOWING!" I was evicted from my mum's lap while she went rushing outside too. Yes, it was snowing. Quite hard, actually. In London, in October! I should say that the last time it snowed in London in October was 1934, according to the Met Office. So this is quite unusual. Last winter we only had 2 days of snow in London all winter - we don't get much here at all, and definitely not in October!

This is what it looked like outside our front door last night.
And this is what my mum's poor sunflowers looked like. They were not happy.
Today it is still very cold. I have been sleeping as close to the nice hot radiator as possible. Time to snuggle up and hibernate already?

*EDITED Thursday morning to add - Oh My D-o-g! Look what happened RIGHT where my Devon Grandma lives! But we have phoned her and she is OK! *

Wow! We got snow yesterday, too, and it never shows so early here. It is weird weather!
happy belated birthday!
We had snow here yesterday, too!!!!
TOO early we say!
Not The Mama and The Purries from Purrchance To Dream
We got snow last night - that must have been one big snow storm!!! Mommy says that snow in October is unacceptable - no matter where you live :-)
We didn't actually SEE snow, but we think there was some in the wild wind and rain we had. Cousin Molly had some and we think the Meezers got LOTS!
Mum says she can't wait for global warming...
Wow! Snow already?? We don't like the snow...we haven't gotten any yet but we know it's just a matter of time.

pee ess. we feel bad for the sunflowers..
Please, not the 's' word yet. It is getting colder here too, but only flurries so far. But we do get those at this time of hear.
Mother Nature is not happy with us.
Oh man, mom just knows it's going to be a cold, snowy winter. She just knows it.

Hi! We sent you a card on your birthday but didn't hear back. We weren't sure if we had the right e-mail addy for you. We'd still love to give it to you! Could you visit or e-mail to let us know how to get it to you? *purrs*
It's snowing here, too, buddy! Man, I gotta start storing up for winter.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
No snow here in Sidmouth, Devon - but when Mom talked to her friend in Warwickshire on the telephone - it was snowing hard there! Her friend has a webcam thingy and she showed Mom just how much snow was on the garden - it was completely white!
I've never experienced snow yet 'cos I'm only 7 months old now - so I can't wait.
It snowed here for a minute too!
We had snow a couple days ago, too, but it just melted. Yur poor sunflowers! Mom gave up on growin them cuz squirrels kept climbin up and breaking the stems. If she'd just let us out to chase them squirrels...
Stayin near the heat is a grate plan. I's doin the same, when I's not unner cover wif my beans!
We're glad your Devon Grandma is okay. Our Beans are going to have a big shock when they get back on Sunday. We heard from them yesterday and they said the temperature where they were was 91f
They said they are missing us lots and will be glad to see us again. We may sulk and ignore them to teach them a lesson.
Purrs furrom Eric and Flynn
Omigosh - white stuff! No *wonder those sunflowers weren't happy!
Wow! That is very strange weather. We got unseasonably cold weather, here, too. It got down into the 50s at night yesterday. That is very cold for south Florida.

I am glad your Devon gramma is okay!
We is glad yur Granmomma is OK and we are sorry we didn't make it round til today to wish you a happy belated purrday....and we hopes yoo have many many more...

I wish it would snow here! I like it. I'm glad your Grandma is ok and not flooded out. floods are scary!
we gotted snow too!!! weeerd
WOW! What freaky weather! I'm super happy to know that your Grandmama is ok!
WOW ... snow is neat ... the hail and flooding are not! Glad everyone was "ok"!
Dear Eric,
Belated happy purrthday from us... you are an amazing cat!

Across the ocean, we had the weird white stuff too this week, over a foot! It's even still out there.

Abby & Stygia
What the heck! We never saw anything like that!
We are very glad your Devon Grandma is safe. Snow in October anywhere is just wrong!
Snow and hail? Yucky! We're so glad your Grandma is okay.

Eric, my mom has been squeeing all day over that Mittens kitten thing. It's getting really annoying.

Goodness ERic I am very happy your grandmum is OK. That was a nasty storm, snow, hail, floods. Stay safe.
No, no, no tell me I didn't miss your birthday. . . .

No, no, no please tell me no snow!!!! Argh! It is true . . . .

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope you get lot and lots of treats today, no tricks for such a good kitty.
WOW Eric this is just too early to see this kind of weather! Glad cornish grandma is ok. We are having lovely weather here.
Eric and Mum thank you for the kind words of support you left for us on our blog. It has been a stressful week and we are blessed by the out pouring of kindness from our blogging friends. Thanks !
Oh my Bast, that weather! I'm glad your grandma is all right!

Guess that's it for your mum's poor sunflowers, too. Stay warm, Eric!
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