Sunday, November 16, 2008


Bed Making

We have a stand-off. The human wants to change the bedclothes, I want to be undisturbed on this pillow! So no, she can't take off the sheet or the pillowcase!

Stick to your guns, Eric! She can make the bed when you're good and ready to move...
Thank you for coming to mine party! It was simpwy purrfect!
Right On, mine ginger Bro!!!

Ya just gotts ta puts yer paw down sometimes.

(Sorry about the gray weather... heres a little California sunshine for ya .. =,=,=,=,=,=,=,=,=)
Quite right too Eric. Our mum has only just been able to make the bed because it was horrible weather and we decided to sleep in today. We've just moved for our food and now we're going back to bed again.
I see nothing wrong here Eric, you stay on the pillow and your Mum goes off to do something else until have finished using the bed.

Humans do have odd ideas hehe

Whicky Wuudler
I've been there Bro!
No way! When you're that comfy ... ? :)

Thanks so much for the purrs,
Humph. The Male always comes and moves me. He is so rude.
You are right to put your paw down about this, Eric!
Nope, Nothing gets done until the kitty says so! Doesn't she know that by now?
This is a nice picture of you Eric!
hai Eric dis is Goma!! nice to meet u!! You is big kitteh indeed!! mai mom change sheets and me like go uder it so annoys mai mom!! lol

myy mom just start a blog all about kitteh bellies...she want you to send best belly for her site!! so we all can worship it!!
My mom is mean. She just pulls the pillow out from under me when I do that. Does your mum do that to you as well?

Stand your ground Eric. Mum usually just tosses me off the bed!
This is why mom has several sets of bedding for the she doesn't have to disturb us while we are sleeping on da dirty ones. She just waits til we move den puts da clean ones on...even if it is late at night!
Oh oh oh, the BED GAME! Us Ballicai love the Bed Game. Whenefur Momma tries to change the bed sheets or makes the bed, alla us Ballicai some in and lay on efurrything she's tryin to move! It's FUN!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
FAT ERIC, you are soooo cute! Just found you from your comment at Goma's page! So glad to meet you!
I agree make them wait...Hugs Ariel
At least if you let the strip the bed, you can help them when they make it up again, which is my favorite thing to do.
Stand your ground, Eric. Or should I say, your pillow. Your leisure time should not be disturbed.
Another wonderful picture of your gorgeousness :-D I hope you won the standoff, Eric.
Stand your ground Eric - or at least lie on your ground ... err ... bed!
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