Friday, November 21, 2008


Fierce Fighter Friday

Today every cat in the Blogosphere is marking Fierce Fighter Friday, which Whiskers and Purrs started to remember Felix the Fierce Fighter and all the other Ones Who Came Before. In our house we are remembering my twin sister Hattie. When Hattie and I were at the shelter looking for a new home, she was the one who got us adopted by our humans by giving them lots of purrs and floofy headbutts (because I was napping and missed them!) So you could say she brought me together with my mum. I thought Hattie and I would always be together but she got cancer and in March 2004 she had to go to the Bridge. She was 8 years old. We can't believe that was four and a half years ago already - I just turned 13!

As you can see Hattie looked a lot like me, but smaller. Here she is.
This is my mum's favourite picture of the two of us together.
Purrs to everyone else who is remembering the Ones Who Came Before today.

Hattie was a pretty ginger, just like you! You look like you were quite a team!
Hattie was so pretty, am sure everyone misses her very much... and it's easy to see why.
Remembering is a good thing.
Hattie was such a purrty girl! We can she holds a special place in your heart.
I'm glad you were able to show us your sister Hattie. You must have many good memories of her.
Hattie was a beautiful girl!
Hattie did look at lot like you. She was a very pretty girl.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
It is wonderful to get to see photos of you and Hattie. We always enjoy the walks down memory lane.
Hattie was as pretty as you are handsome Eric. It's lovely to see the pair of you together. We hope you aren't too sad when you remember her. She looked very lickable.

What a beautiful girl Hattie was! We didn't know you had a twin. We can't imagine how much you and your Mum miss her.

Hugs and purrs,

Laila and Minchie
Hattie was such a beautiful kittie. So sad she left for The Bridge so early.
Hattie is pretty! And a wonderful fighter!
Such lovely pair. She looks so much like you fat eric. i am sure u and your mom miss her a lot.
Hattie was so beautiful :-)
Hattie was very beautiful Eric. We remembered Kitty Yumbum and some of the cats who came before us.
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