Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thankful Thursday - With Added Royalty!

I am very thankful that my humans have been shopping. I was down to my last tin!
Today it rained. Yes, again. My mum's school was closed today so she went into central London to do a pre-visit at the museum where she is taking her class in a few weeks. Then she walked across the Millennium footbridge over the Thames to St. Paul's Cathedral because she was meeting my dad for lunch and he works quite near there. When she got to St. Paul's she was surprised to see the front entrance was sealed off and lots of policemen were standing around. Then she noticed the big burgundy Daimler parked right in front of her with the Royal Standard flying on it. She wasn't expecting to see the Queen come out of the Cathedral with Prince Philip just then and get into her car. They had been to a special service at the cathedral. There were some Mericky tourists right next to my mum, they got very over-excited about seeing the Queen! This is what H.M. was wearing today...
Apparently the Queen is having a huge party at Buckingham Palace tonight for Prince Charles's 60th birthday. Do you think my invitation got lost in the post?

Oooh! The Queen! You don't want to go to her party Eric, she doesn't like cats and won't allow even one to live in any of her palaces or castles. Bet she doesn't serve cat fuud at her parties either. The Queen is missing out on feline goodness.

Whicky Wuudler
Glad to see that your pantry has been properly stocked.

Wow! Seeing the Queen! That must have been something!
Oh my goodness da Queen herself! Did yur mum invite her over to share yur stinky goodness since yoo has so much of it?
oh my how 'aciting to see the queen!!!!!
Wow, mum has never seen H.M. but has seen her corgi's when she was touring Windsor Castle.

I wouldn't sweat not getting an invite, I doubt they would be serving tuna.
Your mum saw the Queen! That is so cool! We didn't get an invitation either, so don't feel bad.
Wow! Her Maj! And looking very nice as usual. She didn't send my invite either. So Happy Birthday Charles - If you'd ever like cat floof all over your smart suits please let me know!
Oh dear! We're sure that your invitation is lost. Just show up and they should let you in.

Luf, Us
Yes... your invitation was lost AS WAS MINE.

We watched a special program about Prince Charles last night on Tee Vee. He certainly knows a lot about organic farming, I will say that. I think he's done good work.

Mericky tourists seeing the Queen!!!! OMG. Can you imagine the stories they told when they went home?

Enjoy your stinky goodness, Eric.

love, Pearl.
The Queen! The Queen! Neat-O!
THat is so cool. The Queen! Wow. As for Prince Charles, is he really 60? Wow.
The museum looks fun.

The Queen? Do you think she will have good foods at the party? A can in the cupboard, after all...
Huh where did our comment from yesterday go! We said something about the corgis.
We have tagged you for the 8 Random Facts meme. Come to our blog for details.
Ooh that filled pantry of stinky goodness looks wunnerful!
We saw a TV show about the Queen and saw the Corgi dogs. I don't understand why she doesn't have kitties instead. The doggies looked all hyper and yappie, ya know like dogs are. I think a nice kitty to nap in her lap would be better. She looks like she has a great lap.

Congrats on the big stock - up. Nothing is a sorrier sight than an empty cupboard.
Gasp! We common American kitties would faint seeing H.M.!
Dear Eric, thank you so much for the kind invitation. I will port over immediately. Tell your Mum and Dad, yes there will be kitten pictures (spit)

Obviously being the senior saucepot of the house means nothing in modern times pfft!

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