Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wake Me When It's Spring

Another dusting of snow this morning. Bloomin' cold outside. Can't believe my mum still went out there gardening. I'm staying indoors where it's warm. Wake me when it's spring.

It's cold here too, Eric! We sit by the heater vents to try and stay warm!
You'll have to be like a hedgehog and hibernate Eric.
We can hear the snoring...
I think I would be hibernating as well.
You gots snow? Yeck, but we are supposed to get snow on Monday as well.
We think snow can be pretty sometimes, but we do not like cold so we are glad we do not get snow. Stay warm, Eric!
Come stay with us Eric! No snow here! We could have a lick-fest! Bring your humans too!

Stay warm big fella

It's the season to snuggle!

Grand idea. FAZ
That's an excellent idea Eric - it's cold and snowy here too!
We've been doing extra napping too.
You and me both, Eric. I feel the same way.

Snow? You got snow? here in Devon it's cold but bright and sunny. Mind you we live at the sea-side 4 minutes walk from the seafront Lyme Bay - which is very sheltered.
Staying cosy is a very good idea if it snows.
Me, too! I hate cold weather and snow.
Hi Eric

We should make a club for cats suffering from cold weather! Maybe we could travel somewhere warm during winter.

In Denmark it's below 10 celcius and getting colder and we've only 7 hours of daylight...

Cliff & Olivia
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