Sunday, December 28, 2008


Adventures With Milo And Alfie!

Something very exciting happened today. I showed pictures a few posts ago of the lovely Secret Paws presents I got from Everycat. My Secret Paw to give presents to was Milo. As you know I am staying with my Devon Grandma at the moment. It just so happens that Milo and Alfie only live about 20 minutes' drive away from Devon Grandma's house, so my mum thought that maybe it would be fun to hand-deliver the Secret Paws presents. So today my humans went to give the presents to Milo and Alfie. I would have liked to go with them but I had to stay here and take care of my Devon Grandma, who had a little accident this morning. (She asked my dad to go up in the loft and get down some boxes and suitcases which were up there and one of the suitcases fell down the loft ladder when Devon Grandma was underneath and hit her on the head but don't worry, she is OK now, although dad still feels very guilty!)

Anyway, mum and dad went and met Milo and Alfie and their mum and dad and they had a very nice time. (Milo, don't be offended or anything but mum is still squee-ing about what a cute kitten Alfie is, but she thought you were furry cute too). Milo's mum has already put some pictures up on their website of them opening their Secret Paws presents and you can see them here if you like! My mum took some photos too and took some video on her new camera of Milo playing with his new feather toy but we can't post any photos till we get back to our computer in London.

I had a good sniff of my humans when they got back here because I could smell Milo and Alfie on them. My mum says I am about 10 times bigger than Alfie but Milo and Alfie can run and jump a lot faster than me! Thanks for playing with my mum and dad and keeping them amused, Milo and Alfie! I really hope you enjoy playing with your Secret Paws goodies!

Oh, so this is why your folks were visiting Milo and Alfie. Only 20 minutes away from your Grandma's. That is nifty!
That was exciting for Milo and Alfie to meet your Beans. We bet they could smell you too. We are going to look at the photos now.
How cool, purrsonally delivered prezzies. Mum has met Juniorbabee out in the Salty Lake City, that is the only other blogging kittie she has met.

Ooops for Devon Grammie, hope her head is OK.
Your poor grandmother, and your dad must really feel guilty. Mom feels guilty just thinking about it. Too bad you didn't get to meet Milo and Alfie in person, but that is cool that your mum hand delivered the presents. How neat.

We thought it was very exciting of Milo and Alfie to get to meet your people Eric. How very exciting. I hope your Grandmother is doing well.
Hi Fat Eric,

Alfie and I just loved meeting your Mom and Dad ... they were very kind and nice and played wiv us lots ... and we could smell you (and you smelt good) ... and we got to see your video and actually hear your big rumbly purrs ... and the presents were just fabulous.

We had a tin of the tasty gourmet food each for tea and ate it all so quickly that Alfie burbed loudly! Hahahahaha!

Tell your Mom that he may look cute but he does have a fart problem ... whereas I am cute and don't fart!

Thank you again ... and thank your M & D for delivering the presents ... it made them extra speshul!

Love Milo & Alfie xx
What an exciting time for you Eric, scent swaps are almost as good as an in person visit! We hope your Dad's guilt is fading and we are very glad your Devon Grandma is ok. We have been to see Milo and Alfie playing with their Secret Paws gifts from you, what fun they had, what lovely gifts! We can't wait to see your Mum's videos of them (and you)

Whicky Wuudler
We am glad yur Devon Grandma is OK! And, dat is so nice dat yur Mom got to hand deliver yur secret paws. More furriends is great.
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