Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Happy Christmas!

Well, I made it down to Devon Grandma's house (apparently I was a VERY good quiet boy in the car because I slept most of the way). I have taken over the sofa and the cosy spot behind the sofa and next to the radiator, which I remembered from last year and the year before.

Just after I arrived after my traumatic journey I had a further traumatic experience. After arriving and having some dinner I needed to visit my litterbox. My litterbox is covered and has a swing door at the entrance. Unfortunately while it was being loaded and unloaded from the car, the hinge on the door of my litterbox must have got a bit damaged, and do you know what happened? When I used the box and went to leave afterwards, I couldn't get out! The door was jammed shut and I was trapped inside! My mum heard me banging on the inside of the door and went to investigate and she couldn't unjam the door so she had to take the whole roof off the litterbox and I shot out looking very indignant. She had to give me lots of treats to make up for that! The litterbox door has now been fixed although I was very cautious the next time I went to use it!

It has been quite a grey and misty Christmas Eve here. I've spent a lot of time sleeping on mum's lap and sniffing around Devon Grandma's house. My mum can't get a very reliable internet connection here, but we've managed to get online tonight so I can say Happy Christmas to all my friends! Hope everyone has a great day!

Locked in the litterbox? What a nightmare! You should get extra treats and presents for the trauma.

Merry Christmas to all of you.
Eric we are so sorry to hear of your bad experience. Our mum is being mean. She laughed so much her face started leaking. We can't see why she would think it was so funny. We will whap her for you.
We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
Gosh Eric, that was a horrible thing to happen! We are glad you made it safely down to Devon and hope you and your family have a very Happy Christmas!

Whicky Wuudler
Bwhahahah! Oh. Sorry, dat wuzn't really a fun experience wuz it? We can just see da look on yur face as yoo were finally let owt of yur w.c. hee hee. Merry Christmas to yoo and yur family. Haf lots of fun at Devon Grandama's house now dat yoo had dat unpleasantness taken care of.
Luvs us,
Beau Beau & Angie
Eric that is a terrible story. I'm so glad that you made it out of there!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

- Mia and Tigey
How scary! Happiest of Holidays to you!!
Oh no Eric! How traumatic!

Happy Christmas!

Sorry that I'm LOLing about the litterbox...
Happy Christmas, Eric! Maybe Santa will get you a new litter box!

Be safe!
How awful for you!! Hopefully the rest of your holiday will be better. Merry Christmas!!
Oh Eric, your bad litterbox experience sounds just horrible! I am glad that your Mum heard you banging.

My Mum has LEFT me home and went to my Grandpaws house! Can you believe it! He only lives 5 minutes away and she will be back after Christmas dinner tomorrow, but I am quite hurt - how come I couldn't go to Granpaw's house when you got to go to Devon Grandma's house - you are a very lucky boy!
Oh no! Locked in the litter box. I guyess that's better than locked out...

Merry Christmas! We hope Santa brought you everything you wished for.
--Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear and Maggie
We wish you a very Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
We love you Eric!
Fat Eric, merry christmas! We hope you've had a pawsome holiday!!

Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom
Merry Christmas Eric & Mum.
We are appalled about the litter box incident! Must every trip be fraught with unknown dangers?? But we are happy you found your favorite nap spots again!
what an awful thing - being locked in the litterbox! SHEESH!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
Wow Eric ... what a sh*tty thing to happen! Dat must have been SO traumatic (make sure you make a right fuss and get loads of extra treats ... OK?)

Hope you have had a great day!
Being good enough ta use a closed litterbox should get you lots of treats. But being trapped in one should get the whole floor covered with all kinds of treats!
Litterbox trauma! Happy Christmas to all of you. Travel safe.
You poor thing, Eric. What a traumatic experience for you. We are glad you had no lasting damage.
We hope you and your family have an awesome Christmas!

Lucky, Roxy, PlusOne, Dad & Mom
Eric ... I made up a poem for you:

Oh dear wot can the matter be,

Poor Fat Eric got locked in da lavatory,

He could've been there from Christmas Eve until Saturday,

If his Momma hadn't heard his yells!
A video camera you say Eric? I will be happy to give you some Camera Hussy lessons free of charge. Believe me, posing shamelessly brings extra treats, so it's worth the effort as long as you have a nice nap afterwards to recouperate and aid treat digestion.

Happy Boxing Day!

Schlurpy licks

I hopes you is not too traumatised Eric. Merry christmas to you in Devon, and I hopes you is cozy and warm.
Locked in a litter box is a kitty's worst nightmare! Glad your Mum came to the rescue!
We hope yur Christmas wuz bery Merry.
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