Monday, December 01, 2008


Mancat Monday And Misty

I haven't been able to get to the computer all weekend. Firstly, it was cold, I mean COLD! So I have spent a long time napping in my fleece bed next to the radiator just to keep warm. Secondly, my mum has been hogging the computer doing boring admin stuff for school - they are having a new website with lots of password-protected areas and she says it is much too complicated to administer. I found out the only way I could get more attention from her was to snoopervise her computer activities very closely.
To make myself more comfortable I had to push the keyboard out of the way but I'm sure she didn't mind...
The good news for me is that this morning the heating system broke down at my mum's school. It got so cold they had to send all the children home and the school is closed tomorrow as well while the heating is fixed. So it looks like I get a bonus snuggling-with-mum day!

Meanwhile, I am sending many purrs to little Misty, who is hopefully recovering now after giving us all such a scare this weekend when she was rushed to the v-e-t. Get well soon Misty!
P.S. It's a strange thing but when my mum and I started working on the computer yesterday there were all these bits of black floof lying around. I can't account for it...

Well done Eric for taking matters into your own paws and plonking your fine self down right in the line of your Mum's attention. Black floof lying around? this is most mysterious, but I'd suggest you keep a very firm paw on your blog password from now on!

black foof hmmmmm. Maybe someone borrowed yer compooper Fat ERic. ~the Fluffy Tribe
Yes, you must snoopervise while making yourself quite comfy...enjoy your extra snuggle time!
I lays right on top of Mama and Daddy's keyboard. They is WARM!

HHHMMMM, black floof eh? I wonder why???
Eric, you and Rudy look soooo much alike! And Mommy says you were giving the camera "love eyes"!
You can supervise in comfort, you must!
Praying hard that Misty gets better. That was so sad what happened to her.
I don't know what happens when you don't use the computer, it does get black floof thingies in it.
It is difficult when you have to snoopervise your human for something OTHER than your own blogging. Sigh. But I see you are up to and getting things sorted out.
Black floof huh? Maybe you will need to sleep with one eye open in future Eric.
We are glad you got your card. Mum left all the cards in the PO and the man behind the counter said he would stamp them all because there was a lot. Mum said there were 3 for the UK and all the rest were for Mericky. That means if he put a Mericky stamp on yours, one of the Mericky cards might have a UK stamp on it. Uh-Oh!!
Wheeee! Extra mom days for you!

Did the black floof come from Marmite?
Lucky you with an extra mum day. We had lots of snow, but mum was able to drive to work anyway.
Oh dear, we hope the heat gets fixed at your mom's school. I know what you mean about mom leaving. I didn't like it at all when mom left for work today.

Sometimes, movin the keyboard is good fer Beins. We do it often!
Black floof? How intriguing! Did you smell anything when you saw the black floof?
A bonus mum day is great!!!
Black floof? Maybe it was dust from inside? Hope you don't have an intruder. It's nice to have that extra day with Mom...
Black furs? I don't remember teleporting to your house but I was in a food coma for a while. Um, perhaps your introoder from your yard found a way in...

I'm glad you're getting bonus snuggling day from your mommy! Especially since she is neglecting you so much. You keep snoopervising her closely. You're doing a great job.
Sorry it's so cold, but that's great you get some extra time with Mum during the week :-)
At least you've got a good napping spot while it's so cold out!
Eric, you are so incredibly adorable! You can come and snoopervise my computer work any time you would like! *purrs*
Eric, thanks for spreading the news about my surgery & recovery. I'm happy to report that I'm feeling more like myself now.

Your friend
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