Saturday, December 27, 2008


Sleepy Saturday

I'm still here at Devon Grandma's house. Not much to report. I get up in the morning and go and jump on my humans' bed and then they get up and feed me and then I go back to sleep. I have been spending many hours sleeping in the cosy spot behind the radiator or sleeping on mum's lap or watching TV. There are lots of birdies to watch out of the windows here too. And Devon Grandma is quite an easy person to get tit-bits from. Yesterday she was eating a turkey sandwich and I was sitting right by her giving her the Hard Stare and following the sandwich with my eyes. She soon caved in and gave me some turkey!

We opened some parcels from Uncle Sim in Mericky and I got some more Greenies, so that was good!

I have been trying to get round and visit my friends' blogs but the internet connection we have here is not very good and I've been finding it hard to leave comments because the pages keep timing out or freezing up. Hope my friends don't feel like I'm ignoring them! I can just about manage to do a post on here but can't do pictures. But my mum got a new toy from Santa Claus - a little video camera, so she has been chasing me around with that! Hopefully once we are back in London with our own computer she will be able to figure out how to upload some of her videos and then you might get to see me in action!

Oh Boy! Eric videos!!!
We're glad you are having a fun time! We can't wait to see the videos!
So glad you're having a great time, Eric!
This sounds like an ideal Christmas vacation, especially Devon Grandma's ability to donate turkey to your cause. We can't wait to see some video of you Eric. liver is licking his lips in anticipation!

Whicky Wuudler
Looking forward to videos!!
Our Momma has a little Flip and it is so easy to use. Hope to see you soon!!
~ Malachi of The Bunch
Devon Grandma sounds just great - if "the stare" gets you bits of turkey she's ace in my book!

Can't wait to see your videos. And tomorrow - we understand your Momma (& fambly) is coming to visit us wiv our secret paws presents - just how exciting is that? Yahoooooooo!
Good job on the grandma training!!!
We hope she figures out how to post your videos!! We can't wait to see you and maybe hear you too!
One last thing....Hooray for Greenies!!!
Woohoo, you scored with your Gram! You will get her trained correctly soon.

We had an English day today. Rainy, foggy and all. So much of our snow has gone away.

Also good that you got some more Greenies and can't wait to see the videos of you by your mum.
I shall look forward to the videos Eric! And purrs to your Devon Grandma. I heard that she had an incident with a suitcase...
Sounds like an ideal holiday Eric, sleeping, eating and fev-ver watching. We hope your litterbox is still working properly.
We look forward to seeing your videos.
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