Thursday, December 18, 2008



I have got lots of Christmas cards from my friends. One of them was from Millie. Millie's card has a flower on it. My mum says it is an amaryllis. She put the card on the mantelpiece next to a real amaryllis she is growing in a pot. Now the real amaryllis has flowered...and look! It is just like the one on Millie's card! They are twins! Cool!
P.S. My mum's school breaks up for Christmas holidays tomorrow...yay!

That is a very pretty flower. You must be a very disciplined cat not to touch the pretty flower. My Mum can't have flowers or plants - I really like to eat them. I do let her grow cat grass for me though - I thought it was the least I could do.

Yay - for school holidays! Make sure you cuddle close to her.
Wow, what a pretty Amaryllis. And pretty card, What a good match. We love those flowers.
Yay fur holidays! We think der will be lots of baking going on dis weekend...and we might get snowed in tomorrow, dat would be fun.
Pretty flowers, mum likes those but knows I would eat them if she brought one home.

Hurray for the Christmas school break. But does that mean a trip to Devon or Cornwall?
Mom and I had to look twice to work out the second Amaryllis was the Christymas card! What a great pair! What a coincidence! We love it!
Dat's... dat's... AMAZIN! Mom growed one of them amy-willis once, a brite red one.

My boy also starts his holidays after skool tomorrow, unless it's a snow day. An it mite be cuz der's aposted to be a BIG storm tonite. Atween you an me, I LIKE snow days!
Sir Eric, when your mum gets her time off for the holidays, it is up to you to snuggle with her and purr loudly so she relaxes completely.

We got a nice card from Millie, too.
What a lovely flower! And yes, they are twins!
How pretty!!!
Beautiful flower and card. I bet your Mom can't wait for the end of term. My Mom used to be a teacher and she said it was very tiring - now she is a HR Manager for a group of privte schools and she said it is even more tiring!
Eric - We are so glad ya got our card. We weren't sure how long it took ta get over the sea. YAY!

We are gonna post a picture of all our cards and name efrykitty soon, but some are still arrivin.
What a lovely Amaryllis Eric. Our Mum had one for years, every year it would flower, she loved it, then one day, it was found all broken on the floor. Oliver was seen covered in compost but he maintains he was framed hehe!

Wicked Wuudler
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