Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Blogging Cancelled Today

I'm too tired. Come back later.

Nice tummy there. :)
that's a pretty good idea. we need naps too
Well we hope you are back in business tomorrow!
ooooo, you look very cozy in your bed. mommees loves your floofy tummy.

That looks like a very floofy tummy and cute little toesies to us. So, you did blog afterall, Fat Eric.
If you are too tired, then Marmite just might take over!!!!
Hehe Eric, we love how you nap!!
I understand exactly how you feel!
What a sensible decision Fat Eric. Hope you had sweet dreams and snored lots and lots.

psst, are yoo awake yet? hmm, seems yoor not...okay zzzzzzzzzzzz
You do look very tired. Your bed is a cosy fit! Take your time ... we'll be back when you're ready!
That is Shaggy's favorite sleeping position too! Have a good nap, Eric!
That's how mom feels today. ha ha

Hope you're enjoying your nap, Eric :-)
*whispers* i'll pop back later when you're up. i think i'll nap until then....

hey Marmite, great video! we love your "angel kiss" (that is what mommy calls the white spot on a House Panther). you stay in when it gets to cold, the stinky at Eric's house will always be there. um, don't tell him i said that '?
Hahaha....have a gweat nap!

you have the sweetest fluffy tummy! irresistable!
We understand the feeling very well. Nice bed.

Cliff & Olivia
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