Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Catching Up After Christmas - Part 2

Well, my humans were so busy enjoying themselves over Christmas at Devon Grandma's - eating, drinking, visiting Milo and Alfie, etc - that they didn't take nearly enough pictures of handsome me. And, to be fair, I did spend a lot of time sleeping behind Devon Grandma's sofa, which made it harder for them to photograph me.

Here is a picture of me relaxing on Devon Grandma's sofa. You can tell how stressed out I am about being taken on holiday many miles from my own home...
And here is one of the first videos my mum made of me, after she got given her video camera for Christmas. Here I am in another room at Devon Grandma's house, just relaxing with my mum and enjoying a bit of one-to-one attention. My mum likes this video very much because she says it shows me very well, but she would just like to ask you to ignore Devon Grandma's laundry hanging up in the background because she would not like to embarrass Devon Grandma... I hope you enjoy this video - if you turn your volume up again I believe it features more purring!


Oh Eric, we love your purrs!
Eric, Momma let me sit on the table and watch your video ... I loved listening to your purrs and watching you!
Purrs and headbutts,
Eric you are a wonderful purry boy and I saw your tongue!


I heard you purr!!! YEAH!!!
Oh Fat Eric you are GORGEOUS! I just loved hearing you purr. I pretended it was for me so my tummy would feel better! lol.
Eric, it was great to see (and hear) you live! You have a wonderful purr.
That is a wonderful video of you, Eric :-D I love hearing you purr.
you have wonderful purrrrrrrrssssss
Awwww, Eric, you are such a supercool big floofy feller, and you have a wunnerful purr!

Happy New Year to you and yur fambly!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.
You are purr-fectly cute!
Eric, that is a wonderful video of you! And your purring was spectacular!
That is a very mancatly purr Eric.
Is it very cold in London? Mum said when she came home from Sainsburys tonight it was -7c. She was glad to get back indoors by the fire.
That is a very nice video, Eric. You are shown off quite handsomely.

Roxy & Lucky
Who notices the background when the video features you!
Wow I didn't see that last minute tail lick coming!
Oh, Fat Eric, we just luvs your sweet English accented purrs!
Oh Eric it's wonderful!!!!
How cool to see you in person (or as close as we can get to it) and hear those contented purrs!!!!!
You made moms day! Thank you.
Eric, you have such a wonderful purr. Do you purr all the time? It really looks like you were enjoying your mom's loving.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Eric, it looks like you were very comfortable at Devon Grandma's! I love your purring, it is very loud.

Your Mum takes very good videos - I watched the one from Milo & Alfie's house too.
Happy New Year!

Mom said she wants to smooch you right on that ginger bit that grows in the middle of your white whisker bit! She thinks you're gorjuss! We feel a bit jealous!

But, Alfie and I think you have really amazing green eyes - very handsome.
You are a great purrer! I can see all the attention you get at Grandma's house is cause for purring. I did try to ignore the laundry, but your Grandma did such a nice job getting those white clothing white!
Cool video, Eric. An ya know what? We nefer noticed ya gotta "kitty-kiss" on yer left cheek! Wow...
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