Friday, January 23, 2009


Finally Friday

I have just been giving my mum a good telling-off. Do you realise that she hasn't helped me to blog for a WHOLE WEEK? It's disgraceful! She's always making excuses about being too tired or too busy! Although I suppose she does have a point that I haven't done much blogworthy in the last week, except for eating and sleeping. But it's been mostly rainy outside, so eating and sleeping have seemed like the best things to do.
However, I do have something to report - I've been given an award! It was passed on to me by George, Max, Tipper and Misty over at Crew's Views. Thanks very much, friends!
Also, tomorrow is a special day for me so I will definitely be blogging. Can anyone guess why tomorrow is special?

Oh, we has to do wif yoor blog! We is gonna help celebrate by haffing some shrimp.
Hi Eric. It looks like tomorrow is your second blogiversary! We went back and read the first couple of months of your blog...interesting to learn about you, and about your late sister Hattie. Your Ikea mouse is wonderful...we have lots of little catnip mousies but nothing so big and kickable!
Special day - ham! With asparagus!

Eric, can you keep a secret? Now, promise you won't tell you Mum where you heard this from, but she isn't too tired to be posting on that evil Facebook! We are so happy to see your handsome furs and your cool wicker mousie.
Oh, I cannot wait to find out about tomorrow!
Yay it is your Blogoversary Yipppeeeee
Oh goody, your blogaversary!

I LOVE your big wicker mousie, it is so sweet!
It's your third blogoversary Eric. We'll come back tomorrow and help you celebrate.
Eric, we didn't know what tomorrow was until we read some of the other comments! We can't wait to celebrate with you!
From the comments it looks like tomorrow will be an exciting day - we'll help you celebrate Eric!

We don't blame you just sleeping and eating, it's winter and we cats must not get cold or overtired (or hungry)

You look lovely all asleep on scratchy mouse!

We love surprises! We'll be back tomorrow to see what it is!!

Sleeping and eating and napping again are pretty good things to do!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Pffft, and hisssssss to blogger! I had a really nice comment all typed in and it is now gone!!!!

Happy Blogoversary tomorrow. I know you joined the gang shortly after I did. Isn't this fun!

You asked about how cold it was to freeze the falls. We had -15F or -27C and one day it never got above 0F which is -17C.
Oh how auspicious to have your third blogiversary on Chinese New Year!
Is it a blogoversary???

(I haven't been on either, stupid sick beans!)
Rumor has it that tomorrow is your blogoversary! We'll be back to see if its true.
Thats a nice picture of you & your buddy Scratchy Mouse.
Ha! We can guess now - 'cos we just left a comment on your blogaversary post!
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