Friday, January 16, 2009


Floofy Friday

As you know, I have a lot of floof. And it takes a lot of work to keep all that floof looking good. So here is a video to show you how I like to be combed. Actually it was quite hard for my mum to comb me with one hand and use the video camera with her other hand. Usually it takes two hands for the grooming, and I have two different combs, a brush and a Zoom Groom. But this video will give you some idea of what happens. You will notice I always purr when I am being groomed because I really enjoy the attention. Sometimes when she has finished combing me on one side, I roll over so that she can do the other side. Like I said, it takes a lot of work to maintain all my floof!

She is so sweet :)
Eric that was lovely to see. I won't be groomed, but so far my coat has not tangled. Your furs look so gloriously lickable and thick.

Don't forget, if you ever need an extra tongue, I'm your cat


We both love being groomed too particularly with the zoom groom. As soon as anyone comes into the room, we race to see who can get on our cat tree first because that is where we get zoomed.
Eric, you really do have a very thick coat! Our Mum just loves to comb kitties and wanted to jump through the screen and take over your combing! You are like me when I get brushed. I start bathing myself. Such a good boy! Your Mum should collect your furs like my crazy Mum does in a baggie. hahaha!

That was good to see...we're short furred cats so we don't get brushed as much...

Wally & Ernie
Hi Eric! My mom has to comb and brush me everyday, sometimes twice a day and I LOVE it!

What's a zoom groom?
Man I wish I was getting combed like that!!!

I heard you purring.
That wooks vewy comfortable!

Eric, you sure enjoyed that, didn't you! And you were so helpful to your Mum, washing your face at the same time! That video kinda reminds me of ... me! Us floofy kitties do love our groom time ... hee hee!
Purrs and headbutts,

You are certainly very floofy. And we thort it was lovely the way you sniffed the comb first and then enjoyed being combed.

Dad has started brushing me now - 'cos I had a fur ball (my first ever) recently and it made me sic twice on the bedroom carpet (which used to be creamy white but is now sic coloured).

So I wanted to say another thank you - 'cos one of my santa paws from you was treats that help break down fur balls - and now I have them regularly (as well as being brushed!)

We love to see you video. Mom thinks your are a gorjuss ginger floof personified!
It was so helpful of you to groom your own face while your mom groomed your body! That's teamwork.
I love my brushing & combing time too! I also purr for it, it feels so good! Mom just got me a new brush, we wore out the previous one! I also automatically start grooming myself when being attended to. Our vet says that is called "the grooming response."
MOM! Where's that new brush??!!! -Shaggy
You are so beautiful!
-SSS's Mom
That looks nice. Our humans use a special glove and we get treats while we're groomed. Nice.

Cliff & Olivia
Hi! Waving at you from Canberra in Australia. :) Hugs from the topcatrules girls, Tigger and Trixie and Pyewacket. :)
We are so glad your mom maintains your floofiness so well. It is so beautiful. I do not like being brushed at all. I am glad someone does.

You LIKE brushing? Whoa. How weird. I like to bite the brush hehehe
your bud Pepi
huh? you like being brushed. so does my Maine Coon cousin. I wonder if I'm missing something here. I usually have to be bribed with treats.

No wonder your furs always look so good. Your mommy grooms and you help her!

What a great purr you have Eric!!
Wow, your floofiness is truly impressive Eric. We're not big on being groomed here, but then we don't have magnificient coats like you. It's always good to have some quality time with your Mum too, so you've got a great routine going.


Gypsy & Tasha
You're so calm & cooperative during your grooming session, Eric. You've set a fine example for cats everywhere.

Misty & I don't mind being groomed, but Tipper & Max run when Mom starts working on them. That's the reason they get mats. I've tried to tell them "just relax & enjoy it", but they don't listen.

Eric, you have very thick floof. Your Mum does a great job grooming you. And you're so helpful while she's grooming :-D
Eric dat is awesome! We lubs to be groomed too. The mom wishes Troo wud loves his grooming like that but nooooo. Troo bites and bunny kicks and scratches the mom when she tries to groom him.
You are very patient with your brushing. I usually attack the brush when they brush my belly. We have really enjoyed your videos.
I love to use the brush myself. I brush my own face while mama holds the brush! If anyone could convince my Sugar Pie that brushing is great it would be you with your wonderful purr!
You sit so nice while your mum brushes you. Mum has to brush me while I walk by, I won't sit still for her. And I would NEVER let her brush my tummy.
Hey Eric, we gave you an award.
you are such a good kittyboy. I love this movie of you Eric. Good kittyboy!
That does looks comfortables!

You sure do look like you enjoy being combed by your mum! Mine has to try and comb me as I walk by!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
ah pets pets pets, sooo nice, and okay, brushing and combs are nice too!
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