Thursday, February 19, 2009



I knew it was too good to be true, my mum staying home during the whole of her half-term holiday week and giving me quality time...

The humans are abandoning me! My so-called mum and dad have decided that enjoying themselves in Sussex for the weekend is more important than spending time making a fuss of ME! They really need to sort out their priorities!

They are leaving tomorrow morning (Friday) and coming back on Sunday afternoon. I am being left to the tender mercies of Uncle Andrew, who has promised to come in and feed me...I just hope he remembers! Otherwise I'm leaving home!

I will just have to spend the weekend sleeping and glaring out of the window at the massed hordes of Evil Intruder Kitties.

I'm sulking now.
P.S. If anyone's interested, my humans are going here - my mum thought that as my dad is crazy about trains, he would like it as a birthday present...but she hasn't told him yet that they're sleeping in a railway carriage!

Eric, We hope the train whistle blows all night long so they realize how good they had it at home with you!
Oh thoughtless of your beans going away and leaving you!
I hate when my humans abandon me to go away. But, they have a lady who comes over and stays with me. She's ok, but she's not as good as Mom!
Eric, you can telerport over to our house if you want to.
What a cool place for your humans, though not nearly so nice as home with you. I just don't understand them sometimes. But be sure to be annoyed with them for while when they return to you safely so you get some extra attention...
I don't blame you for being upset that your mom is leaving you.

Thanks for dropping by today with the well wishes. Mom says I appear to be feeling a little better. Please keep me in your thoughts and purrayers!
Good news is that they didn't go away for the whole week, the bad news is that they did decide to go away.

Mum says she wants the car parked out front!
I'd be sulking to. Our mum was away all of last week "working". The nerve. Maybe you can leave a present for them. A yak present.
I dont' blame you fur sulkin! I'm glad it's just fur the weekend. I know you'll be furry glad to see yur beans when they get back!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh, Beautiful Eric! I would like to take care of you but I'm so far ...Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Anyway, I'll be checking you through the net during the weekend to see if you are doing well.
I love you, fluffy creature.
What a cool place to visit and spend the night, even if they abandoned you! When Mommie took two long train rides when she was a little girl, she didn't have anything fancy like that to sleep in. She had to sleep in her seat!
We are sorry you are being abandoned, Eric. THat is terrible. As for where your mum and dad are going, that is cool. Sorry

Poor Uncle Andrew is never going to live down the time when he forgot to come feed you and you nearly wasted away to nothing!!
Well, sleeping & glaring are two pretty good ways to spend the time. And eating. Don't forget eating. Thats the best way to spend the time! That is if Uncle Andrew remembers...
Oh poor you Eric! It's so hard when your humans abandon you but rest assured they'll be back soon. How do we know? Because when they visited at Christmas they keeping talking about how gorjuss you are and how they adored you.

The train stay sounds wonderful. Mom said she has a friend who has an old Victorian raliway carriage in the grounds of his house. He uses it as guest accommodation for friends. It has had electric and plumbing fitted - and Mom says apart from that it is beautifully original. She loves staying in it when she visits.
Our lady bean went away too! It's not right, is it?

Cool beans about the railway carriage sleeper. I personally would hate it but I think my beans would find it fun.
oh Eric..i definitely understand what the sulking feel is all about..
I'm so sorry they abandoned you. But they're back now :-)
Eric, this is Brody, the ginger cat in Maine... I'm hoping they are home now and that the weekend didn't seem too long without them. Hope your Dad enjoyed his birthday gift train weekend! Oh, my Mom just signed me up to be a part of your Gorgeous Gingers.
=^..^= Brody
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