Friday, February 13, 2009


Dad's Purrthday

I haven't been doing much blogging in the last week because my humans have been so busy. Obviously I have been very busy too, mostly napping and eating and glaring at that evil intruder kitty Marmite through the back windows several times a day.

Today it is my dad's purrthday. He is about a squillion years old, I think. He got lots of presents but he saved most of them to open when he got home from work tonight. So we have just been having fun opening boxes. He said I could have the boxes to sit in afterwards because I enjoy sitting in boxes. Now my mum is about to cook his purrthday dinner for him. He chose venison and red wine sausages, which I think are made from vishus deer!

Also today my mum finished school for a week because they are having their half-term holiday next week. This is good news because it means extra mum time for me! I hope my humans are not planning to go away anywhere and abandon me. My mum dressed up as a pirate today as her class were having a pirate party to mark the last day before the holidays. They also had a treasure hunt all over the school. I would like to have joined in with that, but only if the treasure was Greenies.

I have to go and sit on my dad now and give him some purrthday licks. I appreciate my dad because he is good at sneaking me bits of cheese when my mum isn't looking. He also has very lickable hair. Here is a picture of us sharing some quality manly time together.

Hi Eric. Happy Purrthday to your Dad! That is such a nice picture of the two of you doing some manly bonding. (The yellow submarine pointing at your bum has an unfortunate resemblance to a thermometer, don't you think?) I hope you get to nom on some swossages made from vishus deer! (Our Meowmy saw some lovely gentle deer last of them was pretending to be a bird??). So glad you'll get to spend quality time with your mum on school break.
Perfect. He got stuff and you got boxes. If you also got to taste the sausages it must have been the perfect day!
Happy Birthday Fat Eric's Dad! Eric, I hear there is special food being cooked. I hope you get some too!
Happy Purrfday to yur Dad!! Here's to many more!
~Meeko & Kiara
Happy Squillionth Birthday to your Dad :-D
Happy Birthday Eric's Dad! Have fun with your Mum next week Eric!
Happy purrday, Eric's Dad. Please give his hair a purrday likkkk from me, Eric, 'cos I liked him when we met.
happy Birthday, eric's Dad! We hope you enjoyed (and shared) your sausages!
Happy Birthday, Eric's Dad!!!
This is a really good day for you, Sir Eric. You get your mum for more time than usual, and your human dad is celebrating a birthday by eating a vishus deer, thereby saving yung joocy cats! What a guy!
What a good time at your house. Purrthday, fancy foods and half term holiday with your mum. She better stay home with you!
happy ourrfday to you, fat erics dad!!! our new grand burpy girl got borned today. we will always be able to member yur dads purrfday now.

That's a wonderful picture of you and your dad. We hope he had a great birthday.
MamaCat & the FurryPurries
Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & baby Honey
This is to Fat Eric's Dad: China Cat & I hope that you had a wonderful birthday today! I think that's nice that we share a birthday. Fat Eric, I hope that you got to share some of your dad's birthday dinner. I am also thrilled when there are any boxes so I hope that you get to play in the boxes too!

Purrrrrrrrrrrs, Willow
Hi Eric,

We hope your Dad had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We love that manly picshure of you both spending quality time together. Our Dad sneaks us cheese too. Dads are great aren't they?
Hi Eric, this is Brody, one of the cats over at Furry and Feathered Friends. Happy Birthday to your Dad. I think you're so lucky to have a birthday in the family! I love boxes and I especially love to sit on the wrapping paper! I used to have a collection of wrapping paper on the floor and would enjoy getting a running start and dive onto the paper and slide across the floor!
best wishes to all!
Hi Eric and happy valentine's day!! You know how I feel about you.

Great photo with your daddy. I can see you love him.

What a lovely picture of you & Dad! Please wish him a happy squillienth birthday from all of us.
Mum, have fun and just relax during your week off. Spend it all with Eric.
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