Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day

Here is my Valentine tribute to my girlfriendcat, Princess Pearl. I hope she doesn't mind that I have re-used the card I made for her last year. It's just that my humans are TOO LAZY to help me do something really imaginative. I hope Princess Pearl knows she is still my number one girlcat! I think she does because she left me a nice message today already.

Today it was very sunny, although still a bit cold. I spent some quality time enjoying the sunshine in the garden, although I was disturbed several times by having to chase out Evil Intruder Kitties. My garden was as busy as Piccadilly Circus today!

We have new next-door neighbours. They moved in the other day and last night we saw a kitty looking out of their front window, so I have a new neighbour kitty! I wonder if he/she is an indoor kitty or if he/she will be trying to invade my garden next...sigh.

My dad would like to thank everyone for the nice purrthday wishes he got yesterday - although he did NOT give me any of the venison sausages because he was enjoying them too much!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I know all about those lazy humans, Eric! That's a lovely Valentine for your sweetie Princess Pearl. She's so nice! :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you!
Happy Valentine's day, Eric! And to your lovely Pearl.
Happy Valentine's Day, Eric! We hope you get to meet the new neighbor kitty soon!
Happy Valentine's Day Eric. I hope you like your new kitty neighbor and that he or she is considerate of your garden space.
Happy Valentine's Day and belated birthday to your Dad! That's exciting news about a new neighbor cat, so long as it's not a new intruder.
Happy Valentine's Day to you too Eric, and a belated Happy Birthday to your Dad ... we love the picture of your head on his shoulder :) We know about the lack of blogging ... our beans have been busy too, with buying their new house and especially since Daddy is officially retiring as of Monday, there is so much paperwork to fill out! We all just need to pin our beans down and tell them to take a breather from those busy parts of life ... hee hee!
Many hugs, purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Guess he figured, his birthday, his sausages???

Happy Valentines Day
Oh, what a great gift ... Kitty neighbor!!!! Tell us all about it as you see more of the kitty!

Happy Valentine's Day,
The Whippy Curly Tails
& Blackie, Pawlates instructor

Thanks for the Valentines greeting. Hope you are having a great Valentine's Day where you are. Also a late happy birthday to your dad. Also, my human gets lazy too... but more often busy doing human junk.
Happy Valentines Day Eric.
Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day! Great Valentine card on your post.
Need to have you email me at:

Need to talk important with you and today is the last day I can try to reach you, if I don't hear from you I will have to go with plan B.
Dear Eric,
I hope your Valentine's day was great! Please say Happy Birthday to your Dad for me!
Happy belated Valentine's day, Eric, and Happy Birthday to you dad. I winder if the new neighbor kitty will chase Marmite away.
Mom wanted you to know that they have GREENIES at her pet store. She thought of you as soon as she saw them.

I think the card is beautiful and belated Birthday wishes to your dad.
I hope your new neighbor kittie is an indoor kittie. You have enough intruders in your garden!
Happy belated purrthday to yur Dad! If he duzn't finish dem venison sausages Mom says she'll be rite ofur to help him.
I think you have a very nice Valentine for Princess Pearl, even though it was used again. It's the thought that counts. My mom can't even do anything like that.

We are sure that Princess Pearl won't mind since recycling is helping save the planet. So it's a good thing, yes?
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