Monday, February 02, 2009


Snow Day = Mum Day + Added Birdies!

Strange and snowy things have been happening here in London today. My humans got up just before 7 a.m. as they normally do on a working Monday. Outside there was lots of snow, and it was still falling. Now, I know some of my kitty friends live in places where they get lots of snow all winter and it is no big deal, but we don't get very much here, normally a few days each winter, and not normally as much as we have got today. In fact, today London had the most snow it has had in one day for 18 years! You can see here some pictures of the chaos which has been happening. For instance, every single bus in London was not running today!

At 7.30 a.m. the deputy headteacher at my mum's school texted her and said "don't bother trying to get to school, we have closed it for the day". So I got a bonus mum day! My dad works in central London and he normally goes in by train, but the trains weren't running, so my mum said "Why bother? Stay home," but he is dedicated and decided to bundle up and walk half an hour to the Tube, which was working. But when he got to work, there were only two people who had got in, and they went home early.

Meanwhile, my mum and I had gone back to bed and had a lovely extra two hours' snoozing, although mum kept complaining that I was snoring in her ear and keeping her awake. Then we got up and did some birdwatching. My mum cleared some snow off the bird feeders and bird table and put out some more food, and lots of birds came so we had fun watching them. It didn't stop snowing all day and it is still snowing this evening. The local kids have been having a great snowball fight all up and down the street (we live in a cul de sac).

Here are some pictures from our snowy day. Here is our garden all white:
Here are our recycling bins - you can see how much snow has fallen on them today:
Here is me looking horrified when mum invited me to check out the snow - I only went out of the back door for about 5 seconds and then ran indoors again...
Here are my little pawprints in the snow!
Here is Mr. Robin enjoying the buffet of birdie treats we have on offer outside our back door...
Here are some pigeons coming to take some of the food around the bird table...
And here is the Snow Kitty my mum made!
P.S. My mum's headteacher just phoned to say that, since more snow is forecast tonight, school is going to be closed again tomorrow - looks like I get another mum day!

We heard about the snow falling in London on the news. Hopefully all will go back to normal soon. Looks like everything stopped!

We heard London is expecting more snow! Yikes
Wow, Eric, that is amazing. We understand that places that are not used to snow really can't cope with it when they get it(no insult intended). Enjoy your snow days.

Hi Eric. I'm so glad you got a bonus mum day! and lovely that she put food out for the birds. Most of the BBC pictures had me chuckling as the snow is so little that people are barely up to their ankles in it, but i understand that snow's hard to deal with if you don't have it very often! We all loved your tiny little warm pawprints in the snow. You have wonderful floofs but need kitty boots for the little feet :).

Louie, Sylvie, Fuzzy, and Gingy (all wanna-be snow cats)
Sounds like a perfect day!
Yes, we had all that snow, just up the road from you, Eric - and poor Little Felix in her outside kennel was very confoozled and hardly came out all day. But MyMum put her snugglesafe inside so she was nice and cosy. There are snowmens all over the fields here too.
Wow- a bonus Mum day! You are very lucky! Enjoy that snow from the inside and I hope you get another snow day tomorrow!!!
Another Mum Day!!!! Great!
We love that snowkitty! And the one your mum made too!
Cool, another bonus Mum day tomorrow :-D

Beautiful pictures. Love your Mum's snow kitty.
You could share some snow.... we hardly have any.
I hope all of you are safe and warm.
two mum days!! yeah!!!!
Tell your Mum to put a dish of wate out for da birds. Because of the snow/ice its very hard for da birdies to find a drink. You may even be lucky enough to see a birdie take a bath in da water. We sure did.

Ollie of the Ozark Mountain Cats
We saw all your snow on the news Eric. We didn't get any. It fell all around, but missed us as usual.Enjoy your extra mum days.
Enjoy your extra mum days Eric, I had one early this winter too, but then mum has to clear the snow, not just cuddle with me.

Yes, for you guys, that normally don't get much snow this is a big deal. It even made our national news here tonight.
Fabulous post, Fat Eric! We loved looking at the pictures and couldn't believe what we were seeing! And another day with your Mum! We hope your Dad got home safe and doesn't go to work either.
Wow! I think you guys get about as much as we usually get (although we've gotten more these last few years.). Stay warm and safe!
Snow days are such unexpected pleasures. Our beans were home with us all day yesterday too.

Normally we have a lot of traffic in our neighborhood but yesterday it was silent and lovely. And very white!
"Wow" that's amazing.Stay warm and enjoy time with your mom :)
Such dainty feetprints, Eric!
Wowie, Snow Days sound like fun! I'm glad you get another day home with your mom.
Hi Eric,
I somehow lost my first comment to you...anyway, we've been hearing about your record snows. Glad you got some mum time. Does your mum have to make up the snow days at the end of term? Your little paw prints are so cute.
My Dear Sweet Eric,
I was so touched at your attempt to get your face-twin out of the dog house by saying that was you who gave me a whap!
Smoochies to you and your wonderful imagination - but I know it was that little mat-filled brother of mine...
But Eric, you made me and Mommy smile and smile!
Smoochies to you!
Hello from snowy Maine... this is Ellie May,Brody and Polly over at Furry and Feathered Friends blog and we've been having a very snowy winter...we mostly look at it from windows as we are all indoor kitties now but once in a while Polly gets to go out in the pathways surrounded by snow so she can't go too far astray!
How wonderful the snow provided a stay at home day for your Mum! We liked seeing you paw prints in the snow to show your bravery to go out in the storm! Our Mom, Nan enjoyed seeing the photos of London along with your story!
Stop by for a visit and we can share our snow tales with you! We also love to watch the birds and squirrels at the bird feeder along with Nan!
all the best,
Ellie May, Polly and Brody
Mum days are good! Our city shuts down when it snows like that too. Mom says that if someone even says snowflake people start having car accidents. Beans are weird. Staying inside is a good idea tho. And snuggling with mums is even better.
Boni Maroni
Eric, what a lovely day you had! We love your photos - espeshully the snow-cat!
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