Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The Snow Goes On

My mum's school re-opened today so, after two bonus days of staying home with me, she has gone back to work. There is still lots of snow everywhere but the buses and trains and so on have started running again.

We did some more bird-watching from the back windows and managed to get a picture of both our robins on the feeders at the same time - can you spot two of them in this picture?
Wait a minute...I haven't been outside in the snow again, so whose pawprints are these?
Oh NO! I might have known it would be that little black pest who likes to invade my personal garden. Look at him lurking right under the bird feeders. Go away, Marmite! You will scare my robins away from the feeders!
And you can stop looking at my robins and licking your lips like that! My robins are NOT to be eaten!

Hi Eric. You might have to share some of your Temptations with Marmite to keep his attention away from your robins??
What a nasty intruder. We bet you could chase him away if you could get outside.
Intruder alert!
Eric, take comfort in the fact that Marmite's bum is going to be very cold sitting in that snow, and yours is lovely and warm, inside!

Whicky Wuudler
He's got a nerve, licking his lips at YOUR robins!
We didn't get any snow to speak of, only about a quarter of an inch. Everywhere all around us got it, and now we are getting heavy rain again.
Okay...we like Marmite...but he better leave your fev-vers alone!
I think I see your robins but the little picture makes it hard to tell. I see a little bit of red that we think the fevvers.

Hope you enjoyed your two extra mum days and that you recover from the lots of snow.
That is a bit rude of Marmite to be in your garden thinking about eating your feathers! And not even trying to cover his tracks!
2 whole extra days to snuggle wif your mom! we never get any real snow to speak of. mommees always go to work. *sigh* we hope marmite leaves your robins alone.

I gots that same intruder at my feeders too.

No Petey, those are not intruders. They are Puck's relatives who still live outside.

Oh, sorry.
You were lucky to have your mum home for two extra days. Did you get lots and lots of snuggling in? We hope Marmite doesn't get any of the birdies - they should all be for you.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Hi Fat Eric,
Thanks so much for visiting us in snowy cold Maine and we've added you to 'Our Wonderful Blogs' list. Also, thanks for the invite to join the Gorgeous Gingers!
Brody is just that and will be honored to be among all of the other gorgeous gingers! Now, how does he join?
We also had robins visit us around the birdfeeder today!
Stop by again!
Nan and the Maine cats, Brody, Ellie May and Polly
You have robins already?! Ours don't come back until April usually. Then they're nice & fat from being in south all winter.

Your friend
Nice snow pictures! I hope Marmite doesn't scare the birdies away.
What nice looking robins. We hope the evil intruder cat doesn't get them. Maybe they will poop on his head? After all, he is sitting right under the bird feeder. hee hee

Hi Fat Eric,

There's an award for you over at our place!

Norty Marmite - he can't have your Robins.

Mom got maroned away from home for 3 whole days this week. She went to Warwickshire for one day to attend a Trustee meeting and then the snow came down and she couldn't get back. So Dad had to look after us - and do our poop trays, get us food etc. But he doesn't play wiv us as much as Mom 'cos he's always busy working or on the pooter doing e-mail stuff. So we're glad Mom's back now.

It's not snowing in Sidmouth but Mom said just outside Sidmouth is dire. We seem sheltered here and rarely get snow. But just 2 miles up the road it's really thick.
Hope by now the snow is going away. I like the photo of the black kitty in the white snow. I find it really hard to hide outside in the winter snowy days.
I love all your photos!!!! Brrrrrr, chilly.

The Whippy Curly Tails

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