Saturday, February 28, 2009


Squillion Day - Mandy and Mini

Hello, Mandy Squillion here. It is Squillion Day again in the Cat Blogosphere, so Fat Eric is letting me blog today. Can you believe it is nearly three years since Derby and Virginger sent me all the way from Mericky to live with Fat Eric? Later I was joined by my friend Mini Squillion, who was sent to us by Monty Q.
Mini and I are currently spending our days sitting just inside the patio doors, where we can monitor events inside and outside the house. We have noticed an escalation lately in the level of Evil Intruder Kitty activity outside. That Marmite is the worst offender. We saw him just yesterday again, calmly doing kitty yoga on the patio like he owned the place!
But it's not just Marmite we've seen, there have been at least 8 different cats visiting the garden in the last week, including the new neighbour kitty. No wonder Fat Eric is stressed out. At least he has friends like us!

Happy Squillion Day, everyone!

Hi Mandy. Squillions are cute! our Meowmy, who has most of the cute cat figurines ever made, has never seen one before...i wonder where she can find one? (as if she needed more things...she's got so many cat thingies on top of the sideboard, there's no room for a real kitty up there! what Meowmy, you do that on purpose? we don't believe you...)

Eric, we're sorry about all the cat invaders in your garden! Marmite does look exceptionally comfy there. Any more pictures of your cute next door neighbor kitty?
Eight different cats!???! WOW your garden sounds like a railroad station with all the ciditors coming & going.
We have our Squillion post up too. We got ours from Derby too.
"visitors" coming & going.
Can't type today.
Must be spring in the air with all the newcomers arriving to the yard... poor Eric... he needs some calmerdowners, mmm.
Happy Squillions Day Mandy and Mini from Marmi the v Squillion.
It looks like Marmite is making himself at home in your garden.
Happy Squillons Day! You obviously have lots of visitors that want to party with you!
Oh my goodness! Eight visiting kitties in your garden :-0 That is not good. Poor Eric.
Happy Squillions Day Mandy and Mini and Eric. It's good of you and Mini to keep watch for intruders, Mandy.
Alla Us Hotties
Happy Squillions day Mandy and Mini. We can't believe you have 8 visitors to your garden. That is a lot. Is there hobo sign on the garden wall?

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Happy Squillion Day Mandy, Mini and Fat Eric!! Your yard sounds like Grand Central Station!! Must be the time of the year!
The Honorable Bernard Jameson
Mayor of Meowville, FL
Happy Squillion Day, Mandy and Mini!

Lighpaw Laplander (Virtual Squillion with LC, Ayla, and Iza)
Happy Squillion Day Fat Eric! I hope that those cats start staying out of your garden!
Happy Squillion Day to Mandy, Mini and Eric too. You are more than welcome to use the graphic, cuz Mandy is one of the Squillions.

I agree that your garden has become the cross roads for all the neighborhood kitties.
Eight different cats is a lot of kitties! Those Squillion's are interesting! Happy Squillion Day!
You squillions are very cute. I wish you could do something about those evil intruder cats, to help Eric out.
Oh well.

Do yoo haf some nice smellin cat mint in yur yard purr chance? Dat yoosually brings in da evil introoders purty fast.
I think Marmite is pretty cute...
It is pretty amazing to think it has been so long since we all received our small little friends in the mail. Blackie has been patiently waiting to post since my return; I think I might let him after seeing the kind of relationship you have with your squillion.
All those interloapers is why I keep vigil at the windows. I wunder if thay are jellis of yur squillions?
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