Sunday, February 08, 2009


Sunday Stories

Well, the snow has gone, apart from a few tiny bits. Lots of places in the UK have had terrible snow problems this week. We might get a bit more next week but it will probably just be rain or sleet. Yuck.

Yesterday was quite sunny so I went for a little stroll round my soggy garden to see how everything was, but my humans failed to take any pictures, and I didn't stay outside for long because it was a bit cold and wet.

This has been rather a sad week in the blogosphere with the loss of friends like Jake and Bear.

So I thought I'd find some happier stories to cheer everyone up.

This is a story about a kitty who helps to deliver the post (mail) in Somerset.

This is a story about a cat in Scotland who vanished for two years and turned out to have been having adventures on an island, but finally got found by his humans...

And this is a video of some tiger cubs in a zoo in Norfolk playing in the snowstorms - warning, this video makes my human go SQUEEEE very loudly!

Thanks for sharing some good stories today, Eric...we are trying to figure out how that cat got to an island!

We hope your snow goes all away and you are able to check your yard we are use to the snow...we don't like it much either though...
Dear Eric,
It has been a sad time losing two of our blogging friends. Thank you for the cheerful stories. We especially liked the one about the cat who helps deliver the post.

Have a wonderful week to come!
Shilgiah, Tommy and Hope
We are glad your snow is melting. It has been a hard winter for some.
We were so sorry when we read about Bear and Jake this week.
We are going to check out your fun links now.
~ Napoleon
Fanks fur da nice stories! It is good to haf somefin to put a smile on in deze sad times for some of us.
Our humans tells us that there is a cat that hangs out in the post office. Cool story!
Those are some adventurous cats! I would like to go walkabout and have an island adventure! And help deliver the mail, too.
Thank you for those great stories! The momma tiger is so gentle playing with her cubs! My what big paws they have!!!
It's nice to read happy stories - we loved the tiger cubs, so cute!

And what a lovely happy ending for the lost cat in Scotland.

And we couldn't help wondering if the postman's name was Pat! And the cat looked black - but was there some white fur too?

Milo and Alfie singing:

Postman Pat, Postman Pat,
Postman Pat and his black and white cat!
I am glad your snow is going away so you can get out a bit more. We were so sad about Jake.
Thanks for the stories and cute video.It's been a sad time(hug).
What great stories!! Especially about Ollie!
Very sad. Thanks for the happier stories.
We like the video of the tiger cubs, and the feel good stories.
We have had torrential rain for most of the day which has washed most of the snow away. We can still see some on Kit Hill and Caradon Hill in the distance.
Sorry to hear about the loss of two of your friends, that is always a hard time for family and friends.
It was good to hear some nice stories and the video was a winner.
Please e mail me at:, need to ask you something.
Eric some nice stories about the cats but the tigers in the snow, mum went SQUEEEE too. Looks like they were having lots of fun.

Glad your snow has gone away, ours is going but winter isn't over just yet.
we wuz reading about the mailbag cat and there wuz a link to a mailbag otter. it is a good story too!

mommees says that little otter is squeely cute!
Oh yeah, our garden is a muddy, sloppy mess and I heard that we're supposed to get more snow tonight. Better put your snow shoes on!
Awwww! Those little tigers bounce around just like Rascal & Riley.

If Marmite comes over to join the House Panther Pile, he'd end up taking Cocoa's place. Since he's a boy, the girls (Grr, Midnight & Riley) won't do more than sniff him. Cocoa, however, will hiss and growl and run away. He still does that whenever he sees Max too.
We have given you an award Eric. Come and collect it from our blog.
Thank you for the happy stories. They were just what the doctor ordered.
Glad the snow has melted.

Thanks for those posts! Those tigers are cuuteeee!!!

Loved the stories you found, they have such an uplifting effect!
Nan and the Maine Cats
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