Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tabby Terror On Tuesday

I might have mum opened the back door into the garden and guess who was sitting on the wall between our house and our neighbour's house, peering nosily through the window into our kitchen?
I don't like to seem unfriendly to the new neighbours, but how many times do I have to say this??? It's MY GARDEN!!! And that includes the wall!!!

Hi Eric. Uh oh, an Evil Intruder Moggy! although she/he doesn't look that evil, just curious, like trying to see where you are, and whether some snacks might be forthcoming...
Maybe he's lonely?
It looks like a nice cat. Maybe you should talk to him/her?
Uh Oh! Maybe he/she is curious about you. Maybe you can be friends? You might want to give it a try. If you two are friends, then you will outnumber Marmite.

You really do have your paws full with all those intruders at your house. But this new one looks like he/she may be friendly.
Ooohhhh that kitty is pretty, and very friendly looking. Not evil at all. You must have the most welcoming looking back yard in all the neighborhood the way all the cats flock to it. So this is the new next door kitty you saw through the window?
Your new neighbor kittie looks very sweet, but I think that could be a ruse to steal your food!
Yes it is your garden. I think you need to go out there and guard it!
Hey, gotta get out there and assert some muscle! Show that neighbor cat who's boss!
He looks like he's a little lonely...maybe he needs a friend?
your territory is your territory and everycat should respekt that
Looking for love?????
Good for you Eric, you just tell that cat where your territory is. Although it looks kind of friendly maybe you ought to get to know him/her.

Maybe it's a girl who's crushing on you, Eric...
Hi Fat Eric, I'm fat Elin!

hey, i got a gift for all my furriends in my blog, and i think i want to give it to u as well!

nice day!

Introoder! Hey buddy, I know it is your garden, but maybe this little tabby could learn from you. You're such a good Mancat, and great at lounging in sunbeams, chasing butterflies...You could be the cool Batman to its Robin!

William has an interesting idea tho...maybe it is a girl cat with a crush on your handsome Mancat self...
Oh she's very pretty. Maybe she could be a future lady-friend?
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