Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesday Is Gingersday

Trying to forget about the Evil Intruder Kitties swarming all over my garden, I have persuaded my mum to use some of her holiday time to help me update the Gorgeous Gingers page. There are now approximately 93 Gorgeous Gingers on the page...and that is a LOT of ginger gorgeousness! Maybe soon we can make it to a round 100 Gingers?

On a sadder note, some very special Gingers have been moved over to the Rainbow Gingers page. This is a place to pay tribute to Gingers who have gone to the Bridge, like my sister Hattie, and more recently, Mr. Kelly Cat, Skeeter and Winton, among others.

Let me introduce you to a new friend of mine, Rusty. He looks like me! Don't you think? You can visit him at his blog here. Go over and say hi!
Also, if you want a good laugh, take a look at this video from the BBC website. I hope my Mericky friends won't be too offended, but it's made by a British journalist who clearly thinks that some Mericky cat people are a little...weird...heh heh. It's about a Cat Training School...what do they think we are...dogs???

Hi Eric. Thanks for telling us about Rusty's blog...yes, he does look a lot like you! We'll have to get Gingy to sign up for the Gorgeous Gingers page. She really is gorgeous, even though she's a meanie...she put a big booboo on Sylvie's tail! (Meowmy can't watch the video at work 'cause of the net nannies but she's eager to see it when she gets home.)
That video was funny! Especially when they tried to trim the clawrs. Here most people think it's best for cats to stay Indoors all the time.
Nah, you're much more manly.
Rusty does look like you! You're both very handsome :-)
We thought at first glance the Rusty was you!!!
Hi Fat Eric! Did you know Rusty is our cousin???

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Rusty is quite handsome...but not as handsome as you Eric! Ginger cats are quite gorgeous.

Of course, pure white ones like me are absolutely breath taking :)
Goodness Eric, I thought that WAS you at first!
Holy mackerel, what next. Sitting on command, pfft! But you know what? The part of the little squirmy grey cat could have been played by my bro--Russell gets all wiggy when Mom tries to brush him or do his toes, and he doesn't like treats either!

And and and--that lady had an earring in her nose!!
No way mum is going to take me to a school like that. I noticed all of the people had kittens. But us older cats, don't want to learn new tricks.
ha ha ha snort! ha ha ha those people are a little weird.

I mean, who needs their nails trimmed daily? No one, so why should cats? Although mommy agrees cats should be kept indoors (or out only on leashes) since she has seen icky things happen to outdoor cats at the shelter she volunteers at (and of course my FIV) cats are NOT dogs, and they can't be trained as dogs.

Certainly no human rules my roost. I am in charge! I'm with Derby, maybe kittens want to put up with that kind of training, but not us "established" cats!
Thank you fer adding Skeeter to the Rainbow Gingers page! We know he is proud to be in such fine Ginger company...
Gingers are indeed gorjus! And how lovely that there is a rainbow gingers page so that the lovely gingers who have sadly died can be lovingly remembered.
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