Friday, March 13, 2009


Finally Friday

I'm exhausted! It's been a long hard week of sleeping, eating, purring and sitting on my human every night when she collapsed, claiming to be over-worked. And then I have to get up early every morning to jump on my humans and lick them awake, in case they are so tired that they sleep through their alarm clocks.

I'm so exhausted that I barely have the energy to keep defending my garden from the hordes of Evil Intruder Kitties.
You-Know-Who doesn't run away any more when I look at him, he just pretends to be a bush in the hope that I won't spot him hiding in my garden.

Any suggestions for getting rid of the little pest? *sigh*

Honestly Eric, I think you need a brother!
After all, I have to put up with your twin over here!
You should have a brother too!
I'm with Parker! It seems like you two are already on the road to friendship.
Make sure he's not getting any food or treats, and he'll probably move on to another cat's garden ;-)
Maybe he wants to be your furrend. It wouldn't be too bad as long as he stays in the garden.
Well you could just try talking to him...
Eric, maybe he wants to stay because you are mean to him...try some reverse psychology...start being nice to him and then maybe he won't want to stay...and if that doesn't work...then maybe you guys can just be furiends....
embrace the pest! you never know, he may be a good buddy.
Maybe you need to 'wrassle him and then sit on him! Teach him who is boss.

But every other cat seems you should just be furiends.

Do you need me to fly over there to put the kitty-whipping on him, Eric? Just say the word...
Maybe u should try to befurriend with him~

I hAve an award for u!
Grab it in my blog!
Hi Eric.....yup we should join the Gingers.....also, our background is a gif that we store on Photobucket so we can use it as a background. You can grab it by clicking on our background....choose, view background image...then click that image to save, Let us know if it worked. There is a special code to be able to use this and other GIFs for backgrounds....let us know if you want it but we are not sure if it will work on the template you picked. =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Maybe he just wants a friend to play with. You never know!
Offer to make friens wiv him. Either he will become your best pal OR he will be so serspishus that you are trying to be friends that he will slink off!
Beat him up. That's what I'd do. You can beat him up, can't you?
Sit on him & start licking, just like you do to kittens. Maybe he will be grossed out and not come back. If that doesn't work, open your do to him & let him in. He wants to live with you.
please stop by and get your award=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Hey! Eric! I gave you an award today!

Hi Eric,
If you make him your brother then maybe he could do some of the hard work you have to do to keep your humans in line. Then, you would have more time to nap. Just a thought.
Your friend,
Gosh Eric, that guy looks like he's ready to move in!
Poor Eric. If only I could come help you "clean out your garden". I bet I could do it, too.

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