Friday, March 20, 2009


Floofy Friday

Still sunny - it's been sunny all week! The birds are still singing, the flowers are still blooming. Reg the Hedge, our visiting hedgehog, has woken up and has been seen mooching round the bushes in the late evenings. There are some large bright yellow bushes in our garden called forsythia which are very colourful at the moment. You can see a bit of yellow forsythia behind me in this picture as I sit enjoying a few rays of sunshine. There are also a great many Evil Intruder Kitties enjoying the sunshine in my garden, but I refuse to give them any blog time today! Maybe I'll do a Rogues' Gallery next week and you can see just what I have to put up with...

Still, it's sunny! And it's almost the weekend! And it smells like spring! Yay!

It's been wonderfully sunny here as well. I only wish I had the same freedom; I can only admire the sunshine through the windows, which I might add, need to be cleaned. I'm looking forward to the Rogue Gallery!
Spring is coming. Hooray. We love the forsythia!

It must be a lot of work keeping those intruder cats at bay!
ooooh, forsythia!! We love those pretty yellow flowers. You have a hedgehog, how cool!! What do those look like?
You look like you are happy being surrounded by spring! It is suppose to rain here over the weekend!!
I bet that breeze feels so lovely in your floof!
You are much brighter than the Spring flowers, Eric.

Thank you so much for coming by and leaving nice words for us about KittyBoy. We miss him so much. He was a big boy and the hole is Momma's heart is just as big.
~ The Bunch
Your garden looks good already! We don't have anything blooming here yet.

Have a great weekend :-D
Have a happy, sunny weekend, Eric! I think a "Rogue's Gallery" would be awesome to see.
We can't wait to see your Rogue's Gallery, and we bet Marmite tops the bill. It has been sunny here all week also and we don't have any rain forecast before next Tuesday.
We have been helping mum to dig weeds out of the borders.
I hope yo still have a sunny weekend, you look so cute sitting there and how lucky to have a garden.
Hi Eric,

Enjoy the sun this weekend. You look marvelously ginger and floofy!
::SIGH:: That was mum, not me. She wishes our forsythia was open and all. Soon she says. But the tulips and daffs keep pushing farther out of the ground. Happy Spring.
Hi Eric. You look fabulous in your garden! It's just starting to get green and flowery here...still going below freezing at night here.
Hi Eric!
I just read your comment on my blog and wanted to drop by for a visit.

I can see that you are very fluffy.
But, you do describe yourself as enormous, and also have the nickname "Fat Eric", so I assume you are not really offended by my oblique reference to your not needing any more treats? I like to kid around and you look like a cat with a good sense of humor (or is it humour?

Mr. Black, B.S, BFD
So wonderful to see you out in the colorful garden with spring in the air.
Here in Maine, everything is either white with snow patches or browns and greys...the spring green no where to be seen!
Nan and the Maine cats
Hello I saw ou over at Mr Black's and thought I would pop and say hello, I hope that is ok
I think you look a swell chap and am pleased to meet you.

Hugs Ginger Jasper xxxx
We've finally had a lot of wonderful sunny days here too, but not as pretty as where you live. All the flowers over here across the Pond are are still sleeping in the dirt.

Angel is living with us indefinitely while a lot of time consuming work is being done in his condo. His Mum comes up and visits a couple times a week but we think he's forgotten who she is. Our Mum feels bad about that. If it were up to us, we would not give him back. We love him so much. In fact, if anything ever happened to his Mum, we have a piece of papers that says he gets to come live with us forever.
Eric, I know what you mean about Evil Intruder Kitties. We have a lot of them here and they think they can just come into my yard and try to take over. I think not! I may be old, but this is still MY yard!
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