Sunday, March 22, 2009


Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day here in the UK, I hope all my fellow-British kitty friends have been spending some quality snuggling time with their mums today. We sent cards and flowers to Cornish Grandma and Devon Grandma and I am sending them virtual snuggles as I am not able to sit on them and purr in purrson today because they live too far away.

We have had another really lovely sunny day, I know I keep going on about the sunshine but it is so nice to have it. My humans spent most of the day outside in the garden doing stuff. My dad was doing something with a broken chair and a drill and bits of metal and screws and lots of bad word-saying. My mum mowed the grass for the first time this spring and did some weeding and I sat on the patio in the sunshine and gave her moral support. There was a pleasing lack of Evil Intruder Kitties interrupting our relaxing day.

I gave my mum some extra licks for Mother's Day - if you need reminding of how I like to lick her, check out the video here.

We are expecting another busy week. My dad has moved to a new department at his work and he has lots of work to do. My mum is only teaching her class for three days this week because she is going on a first-aid course on Wednesday and Thursday. And - don't tell anyone because it's a secret - she has a big birthday next Friday with a 0 on the end which she is trying to keep quiet but my dad and I are planning a big surprise! Shh!

Happy Mother's Day to your sweet Mum! We are getting lots of sunshine too, isn't it wonderful? So this coming Friday is your Mum's big day, eh? We are excited to hear what the big surprise is. Our Mum had a birthday with a 0 on the end last month too. She was freaking out a lot about it for some reason.
Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!!
Happy Mother's Day to your mum.We have had a lovely warm sunny day here again also. It's okay to go on about the sunshine because we have had two horrible wet summers and winters in a row and getting good weather makes us excited.
Our dad mowed the lawn for the first time this year too, and we helped mum with the weeding.
We won't breathe a word about your mum's birthday.
Eric, will you please tell your Mum Happy Mother's Day from us, and give her some of those sweet kissies for us too? We just adored your video :) And tell your Mum not to worry about the birthday ending in "0", our Momma had one in December that started with a "5" and ended with "0" and it wasn't bad at all ... hee hee! We hope you and your Dad really suprise her good!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Happy Mum's Day to your mum, she is a nice lady. Can't wait to see what is planned for Friday.

Mum says next time she gets to the UK and eats, she can think of your Dad that the foods are OK.
Hi Eric! Happy UK Mother's Day!

I have added you to my links, and I will be following your activities. I like how you described feline interlopers as "Evil Intruder Kitties". I have a couple of those from up the hill (Butters and Taco) and I have to keep an eye out for them.
Happy Mother's Day to your mum, Eric! I'm glad you've been having lots of sunshine and no intruders, too.

Love your video--you're quite the happy boy!
Happy Mother's Day to your mum! And we know just what you mean about the sunshine. It is so nice and warm, and we have been without it so long, we must comment on it every day that we can.

I hope you and your Mum had a wonderful Mother's Day! And I'm glad it was so nice out!
happy mums day there! sounds like a pretty day as well.
Happy Mother's day to your mom! What a special day!!
Happy Mother's Day to your mum! It sounds like she had a purrfect day...'specially with extra licks from you! Tell her not to worry too much about her upcoming birthday...remember, you are as young as you feel!!!
Hope your mum had a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Oh, we're sorry we're late. But a belated Happy Mother's Day to your mom. And all UK moms. They are very special.
Belated Mothers day wishes to all.Thank you.

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Willow and I hope that you Mum had such a very Happy Mother's Day! We're glad that you planned on giving her extra licks for her special day!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
MomBean would like to know if you offer Mother's Day licks to other moms. I'm not a kisser.
Sounds real pleasant in your garden! We run for the house when mom starts up the lawnmower. Ours is a vishus gas one, very loud & noisy.
Happy Mums day to yours and we hope to see some birthday pictures of the celebration!!
aww tell your mum age is just a number and not to worry. So long as you are happy and have your health thats all that matters.

Hugs GJ xx
Belated Happy Mother's Day to your Mum :-D

That's great that you got to enjoy the garden without any intruder kitties ;-)
Happy UK Mothers Day!

Wow, your Beins are mowin the grass already? Ours wont for another whole month!
Happy Early Birthday to your Mom. Those with the "0" really freak Moms out for some reason. Lucky you with the sun. We have had sun but we still have snow on the ground and it was cold today. I want it to warm up!
Happy mothers day to your mom, take care of her ok Eric!

kiss kiss hug hug hug!
We hope your Mom had a lovely Mother's Day and we are certain you spoiled her lots.

Congratulations to your Dad. And we'll keep your secret anout u-no-who's birfday wiv the 0 at the end.
I had not seen your video before. How lovely to give extra licks to your mum for Mother's Day.

P.S. Your secret is safe with us. Hope you take some pictures!
Here it's mothers day (almost) every day. We love our Woman. (She feeds us).
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