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We had a lovely warm sunny weekend here. Apparently it was about 15 degrees C in London yesterday afternoon, that's about 59 F for my Mericky friends. The birds were singing, the spring flowers were flowering, everything smelt nice and I ventured outside to soak up a few rays in my garden. My mum was doing gardening. I helped until she started cleaning out the pond, covering everything in splashes of dirty water and buckets of stinky mud - then I went inside to nap because that was too messy for me. I did see that little pest Marmite "helping" her though - he nearly fell in the pond at one stage through being too nosy for his own good.

I want to thank some of my friends for giving me awards. I will get my lazy human to help me post about those very soon. She is too busy panicking this evening about taking her class on a trip into central London tomorrow (they're going here), but after that's over I will insist on more blogging time.

It's supposed to stay sunny and spring-like here all week - hope it's nice for all my friends too!

That is simply a beautiful picture of you, Fat Eric, with the daffodils. Nothing like that is even close to popping it's head up here yet. Our Mum would love to go with your Mum's class to London!
It was lovely and warm here yesterday, and today too. Mum says spring is definitely on the way because we have started sleeping in our plantpots again.
We are having the same type of weather, Eric...sunny and warmer...around 60F. But we don't have any flowers sez they should be here in a few more weeks!
We hope the field trip goes well for your mum. It would have been funny to see Marmite fall in the pond. lol. Glad it was nice for you there. It was nice here, as well.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day, Eric. Isn't it interesting that Marmite didn't come by when you were out--you'd think he'd at least say hello!
What a lovely day for you to be out and about in your garden! Look at those happy daffs! Ours are not even opened yet.
My pet always used to stress out when she had to take the little ones on field trips. It's tiring! She would always come home and sleep when it was over.
Are you sure you didn't give him a little push, Eric?
We've had very similar temps this weekend and today was even warmer. We spent lots of time out with our mom.
This is a lovely picture of you my friend.
PeeEss: We hope the little monsters behave themselves and your mum comes home with her sanity intact.
Very glad to hear you had such a good day, Sir Eric. Warm weather and pretty yellow flowers in the fresh air -- what's not to like?
Lovely day to garden, mum was thinking that if she had taken the London trip she would be there this week! Good that you know better not to fall in the pond, Marmite doesn't know that yet. Over 60F here today, warmer tomorrow.
Great picture of you in the garden surrounded by the daffydills, Eric! We only have a couple of shy ones blooming so far. Will you have fish and frogs in your pond later in the summer?
I don't think that there is anything more lovely than you amonst the daffodils!
Ooh Eric you look so handsome & floofy in that lovely picture!
Love & purrs from Mr Woo xx
looks like a nice day to be outside!
Hi Eric...

I spent a bit of time on the patio myself this weekend! The spring weather really lifts our spirits.
Eric, you look great with those daffodils. We have been finally getting temps in the 50s and 60s (not sure what that is in Cs for you guys across the pond). But, our garden is still just a lot of dead things. It's only March here, though, and we could still get a foot of snow yet (Mom just told me to bite my tongue on that comment, but I don't want to bite my tongue, it might hurt!) Mom (and me) can't wait for Spring to come here!
I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend with great weather :-) We're almost that warm today and it's great!
Oh what beautiful flowers! We just have snow. And snow. And also, snow. Living at the Almost-North Pole sucks. Can we come and hang out in your garden with you until the OTW turns the heat back on outside?

How was the Florence Nightingale museum? I have just listened to a programme about her on Radio 4 and didn't realise how ill she was most of her life, working from her sick bed. The sad thing is today, what they believe she was suffering from would probably be curable. We hope the class enjoyed it. Christine
Lovely spring picture, Eric.
It's lovely to see the daffodils out! Sidmouth is looking beautifully Spring like!
Spring. Aaah... You look very nice with the flowers.
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