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Weird Wednesday

My mum didn't have to go to school to teach the sticky little people today. Instead, she was on something called a "training course" which meant that she got home an hour and a half earlier than normal - yay! So we enjoyed some extra quality time together. As it was sunny we went out in the garden and took some pictures of the spring flowers we have got so far. I thought that some of my friends who are still up to their tails in snow might like to see them.

The big daffodils aren't out yet but the little narcissi are.
The snowdrops and the yellow crocuses (croci?) are already finished but there are lots of purple ones.
These are some polyanthus mum bought at the weekend to cheer up an empty pot.
There are lots of little wild violets which mum didn't plant, they just grow all over the place.
These crocuses are on the wall by the front gate.
I noticed that some new grass had started growing in the flowerbeds where there isn't supposed to be any grass, so I tasted some just to see if it was nice. *nom nom nom*
Then something weird happened. We went indoors after taking pictures of spring flowers in the sunshine. About 10 minutes later there was a massive clap of thunder and all this hail started falling out of the sky. Within a few minutes everything was covered in white hailstones! Including the poor flowers.
A few minutes later the sun came out again and the hail all melted. So, even though it is looking like spring here, the weather is being pretty weird!

We love the pictures of the flowers. Daffodils and Crocus always makes me think about spring. So do tulips. We have still some snow on the ground. So spring will have to wait for us.
We have had that weird weather today as well. We have got snow forecast for tonight. I wonder if we will get it.We think you were eating the grass to help your mum with the weeding. All the flowers are pretty.
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I am not up to my tail in snow but still like the spring flowers. Your sudden hail storm is like our goofy snow storm. It only hit a little part of town, but not at my house.

Glad you got some extra mum time too.
Wow. That is strange. I am glad you got to be outside when it was nice and not while it hailed!
Truely a weird thing!! We loves those flowers. You are so lucky to have so many bueatiful flowers!
We still have snow on the ground here, and the earliest daffodils are only poking up some leaf tips. How bizarre about the hailstorm!! I hope the pretty flowers weren't damaged too much.
Look at those flowers! We don't have anything like that yet. The ground here is covered in snow actually.
We are way above our tails in snow so it is delightful to see color in the garden...all we see is a blanket of snow and not a glimpse of the ground yet. That hailstorm must have been shocking! Good thing you got in just in time.
Nan and the snowed in Maine Cats
Ahhhhh flowers. We won't get any of those for another month yet. I can't wait, that means summer is coming close! Eric, that picture of you in the garden looks just like me!
We hope the flowers survived that freak hailstorm! Mother Nature must be very unhappy with us.
Dat sure is some weird weather, Eric! Was the grass good?

Da flowers look all pretty and smelly and stuff. Can you eat them, too?

Oh. Mom says your Mom might not like that. But you can sure look at them and sniff them!
Spring is so changeable!
Doesn't look like the little flowers got battered too much so that is good!
Your flowers are so pretty! Where I live, the weather stays too warm year-round to grow bulbs. This makes me a little bit sad.

I hope the hail did not ruin your flowers!
Oh, thank you so much for the pretty spring flowers. Mom couldn't believe the terible hail, but at least it melted. Are the flowers okay?

Yike! Ice cubes from the sky? But we gots croci comin up through the snow what fell Monday...
WOW! We've never seen hailstones 'cos we live in Devon and since we was borned it hasn't hailed once! Are we missing out on anything important?
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