Monday, March 30, 2009


What the...???

Well, my humans came back from the Special Birthday Weekend. Having been abandoned for one whole night, I have been punishing them ever since by insisting on sitting on them at all opportunities because I am feeling emotionally needy.

Then I thought I would check my mum's camera to make sure she had not been unfaithful to me with other kitties during the weekend. I was shocked at what I found!
Um...I think they are kitties, but what the...???

Oh Eric! Those are HUGE ginger kitties that she was hanging out with. But I doubt any of them could sit on her lap and lick her lick you do.

I bet you could grow gourds for bird's nests, but you do need lots of sun. Your growing season is longer than mine, but you do need lots of sun.
Those are some big kitties. I don't think you have anything to worry about Eric,they can't cuddle her like you do.
wow Eric those are some big big kitties! but you have nothing to worry about...they can't lick her the way you do (their tongues are so big and rough they'd take off half her face, we think!)
Holy Smoley! Are dem kitty dinosaurs or somefin? But look at dem muscles! Oh boy. I finks I haf to go werk out.
Those are some handsome big gingers, but nowhere as handsome as you, Fat Eric!
My goodness! We've never seen kitties that big before! Well, just hope you parents didn't snuggle with them the way they do with you, Fat Eric!
Wow! Your human really had to look hard for cats larger than you!
Those are the ones from which we descended....
Ack! Dem is some really big kitties...we sure hope yoor mom preshiates dat yoo can sit on her and snuggle!
Eric, stay away from that "kitty"!

Instead, head over to my blog to pick up your Honest Scrap Award!
Those kitties are a bit big to pick a fight with, Eric - just be nice to them, and remember who gets to snuggle with your Mum at home.


Gypsy & Tasha
Heck Eric! Those are big kitties. It's lucky your mum didn't bring one of them home with her.
Blimey Eric !!! Those are huge cats. Just remember though you are their special one and you get all the hugs.

Hugs GJ xx
Yikes! Those gingers are HUGE!!!
I am so sorry that you have a hard time commenting on my blog!
My sister said, those are the biggest cat in the world! Oh my goodness!

CAreful with them, they have a very huge bitey!
If she brings one of them home, Eric, start packing asap. I'd lay off the lap and start keeping my eyes peeled.
Oh my Bast!! Are you sure they're not planning to bring one of those things home? You need to put your paw down...IMMEDIATELY!!
Oh MY! I hope your mom is not going to adopt one of them! They might eat you out of house and home!
Giant gingers!
I would be shocked too if I found those kind of kitties on my moms camera!
Yep, gigantic kitties cannot be cuddled by the mums and dads. Maybe your mum needed a kitty fix, and that was all she could find?

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
We're not sure you shouldn't be worried. We've seen some of those on the big shiny box. And they looked very interested in humans...
Eric, don't pick a fight with them, okay? You won't win. Even my mom won't win this one. Just go okay, nice kitty. Bye!

Those are HUGE kitties :-0 Be glad she only brought pictures home!
Yike! We are hopin those are REALLY SMALL trees, cause otherwise those are REALLY BIG kitties...
EEEEKKKKK! Introoder cats to the power of ten!
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