Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wordy Wednesday

Watch out that the fishies aren't hungry too and bite your tongue. Great graphic by Ann.
Such a cute pose! Your picture looks great.
there's a big surprise!

Did you get those fishies?
Just love that picture, cute, funny and just you.

Hugs GJ xxx
oh what a big pink tongue you have! all the better to lick mommy (and eat fishies)!
It's why we've always been good friends - We have stomachs meant for four cats, not two. Here's hoping you win, Eric!
Oh Eric, i really love the photo of u~

kiss hug!
Look at that adorable tongue. WE would feed you!

Abby & Stygia
Yeah I am also a bit peckish...
That's a great one for you, Eric!
That is a great word for you, Eric. Very appropriate!

We think we like yours the best!
Nom nom... did we hear you say you were inviting us to dinner tonight?
Purrfect :-D
Yeah, Eric, I did hear you were always hungry. What's for dinner?
Go ahead Eric, fish is good for yoo!
If I saw those fishies, I'd be hungry too.
Those fishies look like they want to jump into your mouth! Yum.
Maybe after you eat those'll hafta come up with another word to describe yourself!
I just love this picture,
reminds me about Lego!
Eric, that is a wonderful picture of you. What great Zoolatry graphics - She did mine with a fishie too!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
So, I guess you're on the seafood diet? You know the one: you see food and you eat it. Heh, heh.
Me again. I have given you an award! If you haven't already received this award, you can pick it up on my blog.
Thank you for your kind words, really means a lot to us! We are sorry you too had to make that very hard decision for Hattie.
Great picture of you with the fish! Is that a tongue I see?
Hey, so it's your mum's purrday today (Friday) ...

Happy purrday to yooooo
Happy purrday to yooooo
Happy PURRday F.E.'s mum
Happy purrday to yooooooooooooo

I hope she likes your surprise.
What a neat pic, Eric! We like it.
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